Making You Fly

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This is a skill to make you fly. It is rare to do like this to really fly but it works for my coven friends.

Casting Instructions for 'Making You Fly'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing, but just make sure that you are not allergetic to air
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing, but just make sure that you are not allergetic to air
Meditate, and disconnect everything around you. Then think about the energy of air elements. Breathe deeply, and visuallize that the air is pumping you and you are lighter...and lighter...lighter than a feather, and stiffer as a board. At last visuallize that the gravity sucks up in the opposite way.(hahaha) It is rare to work for beginners but if you're a flying pro then, no problem.

Blessed be.


Added to on Mar 19, 2014
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why the heck would someone be allergic to air

Nov 13, 2019
Don't question the weird world we all live in

Dec 13, 2019
I think that was just a joke

You cannot physically fly.

Apr 02, 2020
Dude if u don't believe no one has a problem.but to discorage other people from trying

Apr 03, 2020
I have said this many times before, I my parents are Wiccan, I was raised Wiccan, I believe in, and practice, Magic. I know the limitations of Magic on the physical plane, and like this one are an insult to those of us who study Real Magic because people who already believe Pagans are crazy will find them and use it as ''proof'' to their preconceptions. It is also dangerous for new members. They come to this site, thinking these things are possible when they are not, attempt them, they do not work, they get discourage and resentful, and leave the path forever. I am merely stating a fact to make people think twice before wasting time and energy on nonsense that does not work. If you wish to fly, they have created flying machines, physically, no spell will make you fly. Real Magic is an energy, found in nature, and does not defy natural law. Humans cannot fly naturally, ergo they can not fly Magically. Try it for yourself if you do not believe me.

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