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You won't become truly ''invisible'' but this simple spell will make you blend into your surroundings & less noticeable.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • These are optional! Choose either:
  • Small sea shell OR
  • Small black stone/crystal OR
  • Opal

Casting Instructions for 'Invisibility'

Hold any of the above objects for sympathetic energy in your left hand. Close your eyes. Then visualize yourself standing in your current surroundings. See the outline of your body begin to blur into the background, mixing in seamlessly with the colors & textures behind you. When you feel good & covered place any objects you were holding in a pocket, medicine bag or whatever you wish.

Be sure than you are VISUALIZING! See your intentions coming to fruition in your mind's eye. If you can't imagine it you can't manifest it.

***Side note: I have never had the issue of not becoming visible again. If this does occur remove any empowered objects from your person. Close your eyes & visualize yourself once more. Instead of blurring your outline this time imagine it glowing brightly. Brighter & brighter until it is brighter than everything else around. This should send any invisibility packing & will get you all the attention you desire.

Added to on Jul 03, 2013
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This has the potential to work. I feel it might be cast on the object, not the person. Regarding the side note, you will not become physically invisible, so you will have no problem becoming visible. Invisibility spells cloak your energy, once you lose your concentration you will become "visible."

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