Pegasus Wings For Your Horse

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This spell will hopefully turn your Horse into a Pegasus! But, do not worry! You can hide the wings of your horse and prevent it from using its powers when you want by a few simple words! Make sure you take away its wings before you leave!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Favorite ''Pegasus'' Book
  • A Reindeer Ornament
  • A strand of your horses hair

Casting Instructions for 'Pegasus Wings For Your Horse'

First, place the book on the horses back (or on the strand of hair). Place the ornament on top of the book. Close your eyes and in vision your horse and you soaring above the clouds. Then, open your eyes and chant while waving your RIGHT hand over the book and ornament:

Pegasus Wings, Pegasus Wings. I want my horse: (name) to have Pegasus Wings. My Horse will have the wings the brilliant color of: (color). We wish to fly high, and to be truly free. By the Words of: (summoning words) My Horses wings and powers will be. When I say the words: (disappearing words) My Horses wings and powers will be gone. The 4 Powers my horse will now contain shall be: (the 4 powers of your horse). They will be used only on MY command. Pegasus Wings, Pegasus Wings, Make My Horse Magic, so mote it be

Chant this as many times as old as your horse is, (Example: your horse is nine, you would chant nine times.) Take off the ornament and book and hug them tight to your chest while imagining the wings forming on your horse.


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