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This spell gives you a surge of mana. Mana is the energy used to power spells.

Casting Instructions for 'Mana Surge'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Imagination and knowledge of animals
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Imagination and knowledge of animals

The spell technically has to be cast as fast as you can, ideally .22 seconds.  So take your time remembering the actions you need to take and then perform the spell.  If you are having a hard time remembering this spell, imagine a rabbit and then a horse.  Complete that action within 3 minutes and within 30 minutes of the spell to enhance your memory.  Also, the imagination might need some help from a starter spell, but the starter spell will take some of your mana over time.  To aid your imagination first imagine an octopus, within 3 minutes of casting spell.  This will allow you to imagine things at a faster pace.  Then the actual mana surge spell is done by imagining a bat, then a dog, a cat, and lastly a frog.  I recommend imagining petting the cat to feel the spell.  Imagining an octopus can make you feel hyper and sluggish at the same time, so I recommend imagining a rodent, within 30 minutes of imagining the octopus.  The imagining of the octopus should take .25 seconds or less and the imagining of the rodent should take .25 seconds or less.  Imagining a rodent doesn't consume mana if you imagined an octopus.  Lastly, if you are finding it hard to stay motivated to complete this spell, imagine a shark, then a fish, and lastly a butterfly, and imagine those last three things in 3 minutes and within 30 minutes of doing spell.


If this spell is done successfully, you will have acquired good luck and enhanced function.  This may be cast multiple times.  Also, some spells may consume more mana than this spell generates.

A surge of mana will cause one to grow and create tranquility in one's life.


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