Kinesis 2 = Psychics

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Casting Instructions for 'Kinesis 2 = Psychics'

You will need the following items for this spell:

You will need the following items for this spell:

Hokokinesis = Hook Minds
Audiokinesis = Controll Noises
Phsycokinesis = Move objects with no looking at it or being near it
Telekinesis = Move objects with your mind
Closokinesis = Controll a Clock
Chronokinesis = Controll Time
Solokinesis = No what someone will say
Groadinkinesis = Make plants bend without touching
Hydrokinesis = Bend water without touching it
Vyrokinesis = Controll Colors
Jaydaykinesis = Curse people with your mind
Pyrokinesis = Bend a flame with your mind
Lunakinesis = Controll Moon
Minoalinekinesis = Controll someones mind
Finickinesis = See vary far away
Fireekinesis = Controll someones bones
Thermokinesis = Controll Temp
Cryokinesis = Controll ice elements
Findaykinesis = Controll Languages
Soonoakinesis = Controll Sun
Atmokinesis = Controll Atmusphere
Noturalkinesis = Controll Nature
Necrokinesis = Kill living things
Taydaykinesis = Controll Days of the weak
Stakinekinesis = Burn things with your mind
Ajunekinesis = Controll Brightness
Lilakinesis = Controll Months
Rokokinesis = Controll Speed
Dayseenkinesis = Controll to day or night
Sayemkinesis = Make ppl say what you want



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