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Abilitie to control coloring or control colors. You must have very good focus and attention on this, or things could go wrong.

Casting Instructions for 'Vyrokinesis'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Psychic Level Focus: High (100)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Psychic Level Focus: High (100)

Focus on what object color you want to change. Feel the energie of sun colors. Feel the energie of sad and moon plus sea colors. Embrace the color you want to change it to. Means become one with it.
Feel the movements inside that object. Now, open your third eye, then close your two other eyes. Then energie UP that color of the object. Here is where you need to extra forus!
Now. Vizulize a magical bubble embracing you and that color of that object. Embrace the colors that you will change to. Now, heres the extra ultra hard part.
Vizulize some energie magnits summoning the colors to the object. Hold the object that you will be changing color. Then feel the energie and warm and coolness. Now open all eyes and close your third eye, look, the colors have been changed! By you!

This is little dangerous, some of this takes lots of memorie out of you.

This is the hardest kinesis of all~ And necrokinesis is hardest, too.
This one can kill you, so you have to focus to not kill you, wich is hard. So, this is the rarerest power and hardest I really meen hardest kenesis of all in the univerce!

Enjoy this Kinese spell.


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You cannot magically change an objects color with your mind. If you are referring to aurakinesis (basically the manipulation of your aura, another energy manipulation), that is the only color-like manipulation there is.

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