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Casting Instructions for 'Umbrakinesis'

You will need the following items for this spell:

You will need the following items for this spell:

How do you do Umbrakinesis? -Beginner- Dimming effect: ok for this one be in a already dimmed room focus on the area you want to dim visualize like a wave coming from your body repelling the photons and they are disappearing and shadows are over gulfing them once you see a shadow form you are successful.

-Intermediate- Precision shadow: I would like for you to be in an already dim area. I want you to focus on one area repel all the photons in that area and let the shadow engulf it condense the shadow in a ball shape your goal is a circle. Once you success in this try to make the shadow to your like.

-Advanced- Complete darken: I need for you to have all the lights on for this one only advance umbra kinetic should be reading this material .I need for you to focus on repelling every last one of the photons in the room hold this for at less a minute if you have successes it should be dark in the room . So for the one’s who have successes the 1 minute process go on to 2 min and so forward.


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