Grounding and Personal Shielding

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Shielding spell
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Normal altar equipment
  • Protection or Dragon's blood oil
  • Protection or Dragon's blood incense

Casting Instructions for 'Grounding and Personal Shielding'


If you are new to shielding begin this ritual at the first visible crescent of the waxing moon and repeat every day for one lunar cycle. This will "set" the shield firmly in your subconscious mind, which will then maintain the shield automatically. Afterwards, repeat the ritual each month at the full moon or whenever you feel the need. If desired, this ritual can be performed at solar zenith on the day of the first crescent, and on the day of the full moon.

Step 1: Light protection incense and sit comfortably, with back straight (do not strain). Anoint your "third eye" and your solar plexus chakra with the oil. Breathe deeply and evenly for 9 breaths. Feel yourself become more and more relaxed with each breath.

Step 2: Continue breathing easily while visualizing your spine as the trunk of a great willow. Feel your roots extend from the base of your spine deep into the Earth to anchor you firmly to the ground.

Step 3: With each inhale, begin to draw power and energy up from deep within the Earth. Feel it rising up through your spine, filling your entire body like sap rising up through a tree. Feel this energy penetrating every cell of your body, pulsing with every heartbeat.

Step 4: Now visualize great branches sprouting from the top of your head and sweeping gracefully back down to touch the Earth like a majestic willow, completely surrounding, shielding and protecting you. Feel the energy you are drawing up from the Earth spray up from the top of your head like a fountain, to flow down through your branches and back into the Earth, forming a protective sphere of power and energy around you. See yourself comfortably centered within this easily flowing, continuously circulating energy sphere.

Step 5: Reach out with your mind and take hold of this energy sphere. Slowly draw the sphere in around your body, concentrating it there like a second skin. Continue drawing up energy, layer upon layer like an onion, until it is concentrated to a thickness of about 12 inches. KNOW that nothing beneficial or harmful can penetrate this shield without your conscious consent.

Step 6: Once the shield has settled comfortably into place say:


"I call to you, (name of deity), and to you, (name of Dragon), my companion(s)! I ask that You touch this shield with Your powers that they may mix with mine."


Visualize more energy coming from all around you to join with the energy making up the shield until it is so bright you cannot "see" through it. At some point there will be a "blinding" flash and the shield will become transparent to your "sight." The shield is now complete and fully functional. When this happens, say:


"I thank you, my Lord/Lady, and I thank you, my Dragon friend(s) for your energy and assistance. I am now and forever protected from all external influences, emotions, thoughts, and energies that may come to do me harm. Nothing and no one can penetrate this protective shield without my direct conscious consent. So mote it be!"


Thank your friend(s) and close ritual as usual.


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