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Mediation, to entering Vibrational state pre-Ap.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your mind and some free time.

Casting Instructions for 'Meditation'


Meditation by The Crimson (David)

Ok, first off I'm going to explain the benefits of meditation.
1. Helps your brain heal neuron pathways in your brain. Since your brain for most people is constantly working (even when you dream/sleep) there is really no time for it to take a break and heal. Repetitive meditation over a course of time will help remedy this problem.
2. Meditation relieves stress.
3. It can help further your concentration and discipline which inevitably you will use over the course of your life.
4. Can lead to AP with further development.

Some things you may notice while meditating or after said action is a light headed or heavy chested feeling. If you kept your breathe at a stable rate this is a good sign.

The goal of meditation is to simply relax oneÂ’s mind and make if void of thought in general. By doing such you accomplish the benefits of meditation said prior in this article.

Firstly I will post my own method of meditation and then a few from online with proper citations. (Maybe just links)

When I first start to meditate I choose the position in which I prefer to sit this time.
Sometimes I just lay down in my bed.
Other times I sit in a recliner.
And others I sit crossed legged or lotus style.
As long as you can breathe easily, the position you choose is really up to you.

Next would be to relax.
Start with your face then the rest of your head go to your neck and shoulders then arms and torso pelvis and legs and then your feet.
Do your best to relax including your back become and comfortable as possible. (This is why it might be better to lay in bed or sit in a recliner)

The next step is to control your breathing.
Try breathing in a rhythm.
Inhale with a 4 count exhale with a 2 count and repeat.
If this doesn't work for you, switch it up till it feels right.
Everything in meditation should be personal preference.
You should keep this rhythm while being relaxed for about 3-6 minutes. Until it becomes natural or you think you should move on. Remember there is no need to rush the steps of meditation youÂ’re doing it to relax and such to begin with.

Ok there are two more steps and this is where it becomes tricky for most individuals.
Clearing the mind can be a difficult task at first and may seem nearly impossible. But it is quite the opposite and soon will become habit.
I will go over a few ways to clear the mind first and allow you to choose your own from my options or you can completely improvise or use a mixture remember meditation is completely personal preference.

Blackout method:
(I usually start with this.)
Close your eyes and completely focus on the darkness in front of you.
Imagine it is surrounding you and in such you are becoming more and more relaxed by the second. Stare at the black for a prolonged period. (If you notice light green or other colors after awhile just ignore these because they are just neuron images and have no meaning. the same happens when u apply pressure to your eyes while they r closed it's just your brain reacting.)

Trash bin method:
I learned this online from puzuzu's site.
Basically visualize a trash bin in your mindÂ’s eye, and put all of your thoughts into it. (I.e. anything on your mind currently, be it that homework you skipped or your girlfriend all thoughts all together)
Once you completed that step.
Just imagine the trash bin falling away into an abyss. (Just make it go away) and with it all the thoughts. (DonÂ’t worry your memories will stay intact)
After this return to the blackout method.

Third eye focuses method:
I thought of this one when I was learning to astral project.
It worked rather well I thought. But only set back is you must have control of your third eye which is simple enough in itself. Basically use the blackout method and then focus completely on your third eye. imagine a dull violet color in your mindÂ’s eye once you get a third eye reaction just relax with your full attention to it while making all other thoughts void. Once that is complete wean your focus off your third eye.

Final step. Ok once you clear your mind the goal is just to maintain it in this state. ThatÂ’s all. It can take awhile but once you reach the time of 5-7 minutes of a clear mind the effects of meditation will start to become more apparent make sure to keep a schedule. If thatÂ’s impossible just whenever you have time is fine as well.

This section will deal with deeper meditation and entering the vibrational state which is used for AP.

This is a pre-requisite for AP. This works best if not only when in a room with dimmed lights not completely black but dark enough for little to no interference in concentration.

I thought I might as well go into more detail about this since it relates to the topic.
Deeper trance states can be achieved through the use of meditation in various manners. Once done AP will become much simpler. I will use the terms State A, State B, and State C for the levels of trance and deep meditation respectfully.
The section above describes how to reach a meditative state; we will refer to this as State A.
Once in State A, you can attempt to reach a deeper state of meditation which will be harder to do than all the previously stated practices.
First off you must get rid of all worry or regret and fear, for these will only build a mental wall which will make it harder to achieve your goal.
Now this part becomes a little hard to explain so bear with me and if you have any questions or need clarification about anything do not hesitate to send me a private message asking for help and so on.
From state a focus on the blackout method one more time but this time we are taking it to a further level. Instead of the darkness engulfing you, you are now standing in it. Imagine that youÂ’re facing a different direction and in every direction you look all you see is darkness. As if itÂ’s the only thing in the world. Allow this to become three dimensional before moving on. The reason for doing this is to try and reach what Monroe calls a vibrational state. You will know what this is when it happens, like a shockwave of energy overcoming you. To some extent. If you can reach this state proceed to the next step.
Also another way which you can reach the vibrational state is as follows.
Imagine your own body floating 1 foot above you; imagine that you are now in that body instead. Do the same thing again but this time 5 feet or so above this new body. You should produce a feeling of floating which is what you are trying to accomplish once you reach this floating state remind yourself how good it feels to float and how light you feel.
Once the vibrational state is entered you are now in State B.
State B consist of mastering the vibrational state, itÂ’s really just a stepping stone. Start by focusing the vibrations from your head to your toes. Try sending it in a rush down your body and back up, remember to include the arms as well. Try to control this the best you can, eventually you will be able to use it without meditating but it takes awhile to get used to and is really only effective in a meditative state.
Once mastered for lack or a better term, well once you become a novice of full vibrational control you should proceed to the next step.
State C consist of the vibrational state and entering AP. Once you have accomplished this you can pretty much astral project with enough practice and patience. Since this isnÂ’t really a guide to for AP, IÂ’ll leave that for another day along with all the methods I use excluding the Monroe method which I already made a post containing.

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