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This is a daily ritual to open your third eye, and exercise your inner vision to better be able to tap into your psychic abilities.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Your Best Focus
  • -Open Mind to Imagination
  • -The Ability to Surrender the Mind While Conscious.
  • -Optional, Spellwork ingredients for intuition grown and spiritual connection (Lavender, Blue Lotus, Spearmint, Myrrh, purple candles, amethyst, labradorite, etc.)
  • -Optional, A Seer's Journal

Casting Instructions for 'Seer's Awakening (Full Version)'


This is the longer version of the ritual.

Part 1. If you've chosen to work with ritual tools such as candles, herbs, or incenses, set them up.

A few ideas for this ritual can be to Anoint some (commonly purple, blue, or white...but whatever color resonates to you is best) candles with oils such as lavender, mhyrrh, cedarwood, meditation oil, etc., Put some herbs in an incense charocal burner, or on a candle and light it., Make some tea from the edible herbs and flowers you collected

This is to set the tone, and enhance the energy. Although none of these tools are required, having the ritualistic aethetic and stimuli can not only bring forth deeper layers of energy, but also connect us more to the elements for more powerful connection to self. 

Part 2. Get comfortable, whether lying down, sitting, or standing. Try to find a position that can be consistent for you, even if it means inconsistency. In other words, learn to work with your body to understand how it behaves and how to best relax it.

With your eyes closed or open, whatever us best for you. Imagine yourself as you breath in and out, your Third Eye breaths in and out with you. As if you are breathing through it. Lay your focus to your Third Eye, the are between the bridge of your nose, and the mid of your forehead (or, between/above your eyebrows).

Draw all your focus, allowing your mind to focus on simply focusing on that. No more, no less. Nothing but allowing natural awareness to shift. Keep at this until you feel as if your awareness of consciousness is set here at your third eye. As if you experience life through it. To hold onto or tap into this, you must release the need or urgency to. Allow it, and just experience. Don't analyze it.

Once your focus is set, while you're breathing in through your Third Eye, feel it pulsating through the breaths. Do this for 10 minutes.


Part 3. (At least 10 minutes  each) After allowing yourself to activate and exercise your awareness to your intuitive eye, close your eyes, and allow your intuition to run wild. Imagine anything you want. The idea is to make it as vivid as possible. It's best to run through your imaginings slowly, fully analyzing them with all your senses and emotions. Really buy into the world you create in your head. Even if this start small like an apple...or blurry. Even if you find yourself falling asleep (which is why sitting upright on the floor can help), its not about how "well" it is done, but about how committed to exploring this part of your consciousness you are.

Next, after you've ran through your imagination, allow your mind to center back, clearing it of all the noise, breathing into your 3rd eye. Now this time, allow your imagination to be open, but instead of directing it, let it direct you. See where it takes you, what it shows you....very much like a dream that you are lucid in, but instead a meditation where you are vividly involved. Don't analyze anything you see, even as far as to take note of the colors. Just experience it.


Part 4. When you have finished and woken from your mind, write down all that you can recall from what you've seen. If you struggle to recall, it's normal and okay. Like a muscle, dream/vision/meditation recall needs to be exercised and trained. Try to write dow everything from the smells that stood out, faces you saw, colors you noticed, emotions you felt, or even just remanents of ideas of what you think you remember. Anything. If you can, try to have a notebook for this specifically to further establish ritual and routine, but also to have one set place to channel that energy.


It's good to regularly look back over your writings to see if things stand out now that may have been overlook before due to context.


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This can work if you focus enough and keep practicing.

This is a third eye exercise but do not focus only on your third eye chakra. Your chakras need to be in balance. Start from the root and work up to your crown. You need the lower chakras to be balanced so you have a strong foundation. Your upper chakras are your spiritual chakras. While people are more drawn to the upper chakras, an imbalance will cause problems down the road. You need to ground yourself in reality before exploring the spiritual. A third eye that is too open, with no lower chakras for support, can result in hallucinations and mental health struggles. Have you seen spiritual people go off on rants, making outlandish claims, and appearing as if they are either high or having a mental health crisis? That is what happens when you focus on the third eye and nothing else. I would do this meditation once a week, but work on the other chakras the rest of the week. There is nothing wrong with spending a little more time with one chakra. We have trauma which can block one more than others. However, far too often, people want psychic powers and focus on the third eye. You can strengthen psychic abilities with other practices. Do not forget about grounding. There is a reason it is a basic practice.

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