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This contains the ki techniques required for a Ki warrior or a Telekinesis practitioner
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Casting Instructions for 'Ki Training 1'

Stand in a fighting position. Feel the ki in your body. Now visualize roots shooting out of your feet and into the ground. Picture the roots planting into the ground and obsorbing ki. Then begin to visualize your energy merging
with the Earth's energy. This is a technique that gives a little boost to the ki attack, and helps prevent burnout.

Ki Ball:
Cup your hands like you were holding a large baseball. Focus on your hara and the energy inside of it. Bring that ki up into your chest, then down your arms into your hands. When a descent amount of ki is in your hands, have it emerge out and meet in between to form a ball. You should be able to feel it's energy. Don't worry if you can't see it, you'll be able to when you become more advanced.

Drawing ki:
Sit in a cross-legged position. Back straight, chin up. Put your hands so that your left hand is holding your right calf muscle, and vice-versa. Close your eyes and begin to breath slowly. 4 seconds breathing in, hold for 2, breath out for 4, hold for 2. This is called the four-fold breath. It relaxes your mind and body. After about 10 times of doing that, start doing the following: Breath in like you normaly would, but this time picture breathing in the ki around you. Have it go up you nostrols and stop there when you hold your breath. As you breath out, Focus on the ki traveling down your body and splitting in to two parts so that it can go down both your arms. Let the ki flow down both arms and into the calfs. Keep the ki flowing up your legs untill it winds up at yo ur hera. Repeat this untill you feel you have drawn enough energy. After a while you'll be able to draw in ki while you're doing something.

Ki sensing:
Close your eyes and think of someone standing around you. Visualize the ki inside of their body. Now reach out with your ki and touch their's. The stronger their ki power is, the larger the knot in your stomache.

Ki Sheild:
Feel out th ki in your body. Feel it flow through your merideans(energy channels). Now start having ki come out of your hera, and more ki out of your body. The ki that comes out of your body have form around you in a crystall shape. After a minute or so you should have an entire outer shell around you. Now start filling the space between your body and the outer shell with ki. Once this is accomplished, visualize the outer shell of the full sheild turning in to hard, invincible metal or steel. The harder the concentration, the stronger the sheild.

Attacking with ki:
To attack with ki, do this. When you shoot your ki at something/one, you need to shoot it THROUGH the opponent. The reason for this is that the ki will act as a sonic boom and create a shockwave. This rupters their ki and will sometimes send them crumbling to the ground gassping for air. But there is something to remember. Closing the distance increases the results of the attack. When ki travels too far, it begins to fall apart. Also, a physical attack that's charged with ki is much more devistating. Because there is no space between the ki and the opponent.

Basic Ki blast:
Put your hands to your side and make a ki ball. You should be standing in a wide stance. Focus on the opponent, but keep concentration on the ki ball. Keep adding energy to it untill you think it has enough. Focus on the ki inside of you radiating out about to explode with it's true force. Lean foward and thrust your hands out in a double-palm strike. Tighten you hands and explode the ki inside of you to let it out in a short, devistating, blast. Push the ki ball away from your body and through the opponent. This will likely only cause the opponent to loose stanima and concentration. NOTE!: Do not perform this technique and make physical contact. Only do that as a last resort. If the blast is powerful enough and physical contact is made, organs can dissentigrate, and the person could die or blow up.

Ki Punch:
Begin to feel out the ki in your body. Now let it flow in to the hand that is going to attack. Keep the ki inside of the hand. Once you have collected a sufficient amount of ki, start focusing behing your opponent. Focus on the space behing him. Then tell yourself you're going to punch that space. Attack and let out a shockwave of ki going through the opponent the instance you make contact.

Ki kick:
Fill your leg with ki and repeat the instructions for ki punch, replacing hand with foot.

Ki flame:
A version of the power up. Start drawing in energy ands letting it flow through out you entire body. Keep drawing in more and more. Fill your inner and outer body with ki. Next, make all of it explode and come outwards so that it is outside of your body surrounding you like a flame. For visualization: If you watch dragon ball z, this is the power up they use.

Ki to Increase Speed:
This is farely simple. Wave your hand in the air in front of you. As your doing this, visualize an image of the hand moving at a faster rate. Bring your hand back and perform a front punch. As your arm extends, picture the mental fist drawing back. As your real fist draws back, picture the mental one striking. Practice this with both hands. After continuos practice, you will begin to see results. It's a mental trick, I honestly don't know why it works.

Basic Ki Healing:
Place your hands on the wounded or painful area. Let your ki flow into the injured area. Picture your ki as the color yellow, and the pain as the color red. As your ki enters the other person's body, have the yellow energy overpower the red energy. In your mind it should look like the yellow is eating away at the pain. After about a minute, their should be no more red, meaning no more pain.

Ki Healing version 2:
Place your hands about an inch above the person who is injured. Wave your hands across their body and pay attention to any of their energy that feels different than the rest. That it the source or their pain. Touch the injured area and picture grabbing the pain and releasing it into the air to be cleansed. Replace the energy less area with some of your own ki. Healing takes about 5 minutes to go into effect. Ki
The techniques I have so far on this page listed in order are the advanced ki blast, jing blast, multiple ki balls, ki matoshi, genki dahma, spirit up, burning knuckle, big bang blast, sudden impact, and spirit mine.


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