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So you know that you need to release the energy in a PSI ball (ball of energy) or it will become to strong? This spell allows you to be able to put the energy in your body and use it.

Casting Instructions for 'Usable PSI Ball'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Strong Element
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Strong Element
1. Find your strong element. The options are fire, air, water, and earth. To find it, refer to my spell, finding your element.
2. These are the chants you must say to your element to gain permission to take its energy and use it for yourself.
''I do beseech you, fiery flame
Who cleanses the earth and makes it clean again.
For the energy you hold beneath your eye,
that burns the wick and lets the candle die.
With the power within me, I ask thee,
For the use of that energy by me.''
''Water, so great and rushing so,
I ask if I may break the flow.
And use that rushing current for
My needs that have become greater then before.
So may I use that energy dear,
to make my sleep not so near?''
''I ask this question from my heart,
Which flies with you and does its part.
May I use your breezes, simple and sweet,
Your stronger winds, to help complete
The energy I am asking to have,
From you I hope I will have had.''
''You are the earth, my home, my life,
You've helped me through my trials and strife.
And now I will ask you once again,
If you can help me leave my den.
Of tiredness, of no energy,
I ask permission of thee,
To use the energy stored beneath
Your surface green, to the quartz undeneath.''
3. Make a connection with that element, and pretend an invisible line is shooting from your palm, bringing the elements energy to your palms. Pool it there, make it a sphere. If you wish to use it now, push it in your core for a caffiene and crash free energy 'drink'. If you wish to use it later, store it in and airtight, somewhat circular container.

I tested this spell myself, and it worked for me and my friends, too. Just remember not to take energy from yourself!


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