Lancea De Ignis Inferni

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A powerful spell for making of spear of hell fire. Pierces trough anything with soul and takes it into astral plane to the point of inmprisoning. Use with extreme caution. (Spell needs some expensive hand made ingredients.) In order for this to work you need an astral plane of your own in order to imprison souls of the damned in there.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • - Spear (handle of steel that is blessed and peak needs at least three gemstones first with affinity for
  • punishment, second with sin and third with imprisonment.)
  • - Three blue candles and three white candles.
  • - Blood of all twelve zodiac sign animals.
  • - Focus

Casting Instructions for 'Lancea De Ignis Inferni'

Okay. Got everything? Lets start. First, make Circle of Protection of Solomon, and make it a little bit bigger then normally. Now put blue candles in triangle facing north and red ones south (represents balance(good/evil, black/white...)). Light them starting from triangle peak of red candles then repeat with blue candles.Summon Azrael The Archangel Of Death. Start making a contract like this:

O greeted You be for eternity, for You are the one and only between worlds. Bless this peak for it shall setYou free from souls of hatred. Give this spears peak a hell fire to torture those in realm of wielder andmake this handle a portal between planes. Twelve full moons shall rise and I am offering You blood of zodiac for each one. Whenthe last sacrifice is made make the spear as powerfullas the angel of death himself. Make this light vanish if you accept the deal O Azrael The Archangel Of Death You who keeps souls on their path.

Now that you made contract you have to make sacrifice every full moon no matter is it seeable or not. When you give the last drop of zodiacs blood(i advise you to sacrifice at leastas much drops of zodiac blood as there is archangels for Azrael shall be honored) The spear will be ready and fueled with hell fire. This is a powerful spell and the spear is dangerous as it is like prison.

PS If you are not demon hunter or vampire hunter i advise you to not use this as it can hurt you if you are not careful. Be aware that this is used only for people or monsters who have wicked souls. you cant walk down the street and start killing every alcohol or drug addict.

And as always you use this at your own risk and i am not repsonsible for anything you do or spell does to you.


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