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This is not a spell, so much as it is a technique that stems from Empathy (the ability to feel the feelings of others.) Pathokinesis is the ability to psychically manipulate/change the emotions of others.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Focus
  • Patience
  • Strong emotional control (meaning you have to be capable of ''pulling up'' a certain feeling/emotion at will)
  • Intent
  • Empathy (the ability to feel the feelings of others Pathokinesis is most effective when the user is an Empath one with the ability of Empathy, as Pathokinesis is a common result of Empathy after ample time and experience with Empathy.)

Casting Instructions for 'Pathokinesis'

1.) Analyze take a moment to recognize and literally feel the emotion you wish to instill in his or her emotional mind.

2.) Tune-in to his or her current feelings/emotions (this is why it is more effective if the user is an Empath, because obviously you need access into his or her emotions before you can change them) and get a "feel" NO pun intended :P for how he or she currently feels.

No.2* - I suggest visualizing a red and blue emotional cord gradually protruding from your heart and into his or her heart, and just letting whatever wishes to come through come as it may.

3.) As you feel what they are feeling, gradually and methodically is key here begin to transform what you feel from him or her (meaning his or her emotions/feelings) into the emotion you wish him or her to feel by literally feeling the particular emotion, just as you did in the FIRST step.

No.* - Wish you all luck and power as you go on with this practice, but just remember not to play with then! This is a risky ability, because it is toying with someone's emotions/feelings. only use this to calm one down, or brighten one's day a bit. =D

- BY: TaRoCcHi_11

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