Controlling the Kumo

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Not exactly a spell, but rather a set of instructions on how to survive an encounter with and even control a Kumo-- a type of giant spider-demon
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A voice
  • Food, preferably fresh bird meat

Casting Instructions for 'Controlling the Kumo'

The Kumo is a spider-demon found in Asia and especially Japan. These instructions cover the basics of what to do in a Kumo encounter, be it controlling one or getting away from one alive.


1: Do NOT try to escape. A Kumo is about the size of a large dog and will easily run you down.

2: Lower yourself to its level. I know this sounds insane, but a Kumo will generally regard anything taller than it as a threat and pounce. Squat down so you appear to be only slightly taller than it.

3: Hum softly and tunelessly-- make sure to keep one steady note and pitch. The Kumo detects vibrations with the hairs on its legs and thus zones in on its prey. Humming both calms the creature and confuses its homing abilities.

4: As you do so, shuffle backwards slightly using your feet. Do not stop humming and try not to make your motion obvious.

5: Once you are out of pounce range (about 25 feet away), stand up slowly and back away from the Kumo, still humming and making eye contact.

6: Once it is out of sight, feel free to turn around and walk. But DO NOT run. Even if it can't see you, it will still feel the vibrations of your running feet through the ground. And remember-- NOTHING incites a predator to attack like running prey.


1: Slowly approach the Kumo holding at your side an offering of food. The Kumo prefers bird meat.

2: Throw the offering to the ground about five feet in front of the creature and wait while it eats. It's a good idea to activate a warding spell at this point to keep you safe.

3: What you do at this point will direct the Kumo's behavior if it is satisfied with your gift. If it isn't satisfied, see ''To Survive a Kumo Encounter'' above.


1: Make a series of metronome-like clicking sounds while making eye contact with the target you want to be attacked. Do NOT make eye contact with the Kumo while doing this unless you wish to be attacked yourself.


1: Hum at a high pitch while drumming rapidly on the ground with your foot. The Kumo should drop its attack and come to you, unless it is at this point in a feeding frenzy.


1: Hum at a low pitch while drumming on the ground with your foot at a steady pace. Back up while you do so. The Kumo should follow you.


1: While looking at the ground, let out a slow hiss and back away from the Kumo. It should back away as well. Once it is about 30 feet from you, stop backing up but still walk in place until it has backed out of sight. Wait for a few minutes, and the Kumo should be gone from the area.

NOTE: A Kumo cannot be expected to obey your directions immediately after one feeding. It may take multiple feedings, different types or amounts of food, etc. Just give the creature time to adjust to you. Kumos are actually quite intelligent and can be trained as protectors if you spend enough time working with them. Still, remember that these are primarily demonic beasts and not to be trifled with.

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