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This spell will help you call in a demon to do your bidding, but it is at a price so be careful as each demon will have a different price for you to pay.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • three black candles
  • two white candles
  • salt
  • matches or lighter
  • night
  • pref a full moon
  • a demon symbol
  • chalk
  • a quiet place
  • if inside paper or cardboard to draw on
  • bowel
  • oil
  • a necklace or ring
  • drangons blood incense
  • energy

Casting Instructions for 'Calling a Demon'


A few hours before you do the spell take a small bowel and pour any kind of essential oil you have into the bowl, not a lot. then take the two white candles and place one next to the bowel and the other in the area you will be doing the spell in, light them and leave them alone so that can clear the area of bad energy. Take the necklace or ring and put it in the bowel of oil, hold your hands over it and let protective energy flow from your hands into the oil and say-

"i soak this charm in (whatever oil you used) and add my energy to it so it will protect me from what im about to do"

say this twice then take the necklace or ring, dry it off and then put it on and wear it till the day after you do the spell. blow out the candle next to the bowel but keep the bowel with the oil in it for later.

next take the incense, light it and wave it around your body while saying-

"i use this to cleanse me of any bad energy i may be harboring. clean my aura and my mind of anything bad"

say it as many times as you feel you need to or until the incense burns out.

now this next part is dangerous so please be extra careful.


head to the area where you are to do the spell, take the salt and cast a circle, then take the three black candles, put one at the top point of the star and the other two at the bottom two points. then take the rest of the oil from the bowel and pour it in a circle around your witch circle.

then take the chalk and draw on the ground (or the paper/cardboard) the symbol of the demon you wish to summon. after doing so step with in the circle and begin lighting the candles starting with the one at the tip of the star. (leave the whatever you drew the symbol on outside the circle please, its dangerous if you bring it in the circle with you.)

make sure you are in the middle of the circle with your necklace or ring on, and whatever you do, DO NOT LEAVE THE CIRCLE OR TAKE OFF THE CHARM.

focus your energy into the symbol you drew and begin chanting

"I call thee unto me. come to me and do my biding. In return I shall give thee what thee wishes. Help me with what I need. I call thee (name of the demon you chose) to come to me and stay by my side, unable to hurt me or our is broken."

say this three times then sit in the middle of your circle and close your eyes. you should see a flash of light behind your eyelids and when you open them the demon you called will be standing there. quickly grab the salt and make a circle around the demon so they will be trapped, then you can make the deal with them and find out the terms for it.

If you are not willing to give into the terms stand back into the circle and say 

"go back to hell where you are from, return to hell you evil demon. I do not wish to keep you around. Go back to hell where you are bound."

they will leave. after that wether you worked it out or not you can clean up all the stuff. start by blowing out the candles and saying "i thank thee for thy light" before you blow each or them out. wash the salt, chalk and oil away and remember to keep the charm on till the next day.


Message me if something goes wrong or about how your experience with the spell was, please and thanks.

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