Djinn Summoning

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This spell allows the caster to summon and bind a Djinn or a genie to an object of your choice.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Item Djinn will be bound to (it works better if it has special meaning to you)
  • 1 white scentless candle
  • 1 red scentless candle
  • 1 black scentless candle
  • 1 mirror
  • 1 white bowl of any material and size
  • Matches or lighter

Casting Instructions for 'Djinn Summoning'

Before you begin the summoning formula, you must
carve the following letters into the side of the red candle (do
NOT carve this message into the other two candles…only
the red one):
A'oo Thu Billahi min Ash Shaitan Arrajim
What you just carved into the candle is an Arabic phrase
often used to protect
oneself against evil spirit(Satan),
and to call upon good Believers spirits and Djinn.
Now, you must prepare your own body for the Formula.
First, you must bathe or take a shower,
and wash yourself without the
use of any soaps or shampoos.
Your reason for doing this is to rid yourself of any
unpleasant odors that might offend the Djinn,
including the odors of shampoo or soap.
If possible, you should wash yourself naturally in a clean
lake or stream, but this is not necessary.
Then, you must but on loose, comfortable clothing (your
own relaxation is the key here).
Now, please make sure your house (or the area you intend
on performing the Formula) is completely silent and free of
Unplug any digital items that could make noise and distract
Also, you must not have any electric lights on.
The room mustn’t necessarily be dark,
but it must only be lit from natural light (the sun).
This insures that the Djinn won’t be distracted or
frightened by these electronic items that it is unfamiliar
Now, you are ready to perform the actual summoning
First, you must set up the area you are going to perform.
To do this, you must sit down on the floor, cross legged,
with the matches in an easily accessable area nearby,
the mirror directly in front of you,
and the three candles, placed in the order (from the left)
white, red, black in front of you so that they are reflected in
the mirror.
Finally, place the empty bowl, directly in front of the red
candle, between the candle and the mirror.
You must also have your item that you wish to capture the
Djinn in (a ring, watch, lamp, etc.) nearby.
It helps if the item has some deep personal meaning to you,
but this is not necessary.
First, you must bring yourself into a very relaxed and open
To do this, you must gaze into the mirror, staring into your
own eyes.
As you gaze, take a deep breath, inhaling all the way,
holding it for a second, and then slowly releasing.
Repeat until you’ve taken 20 deep breaths.
Now, you may begin.
The first part of the Formula is the lighting of the candles.
To do this, strike a single match, and with it, first light the
white candle, then the black, and then extinguish the match
by blowing gently on it and setting it to the side.
Now, as a spiritual symbol of the joining of good and evil to
form the basis of free will, with your left hand you will take
the white candle, and with your right you will take the
Using the flames from BOTH of. the candles,
you will light the red.
After the red candle is lit, you will place the white and
black candles back into place.
Now, you must perform the recitation part of the Formula.
You will recite the Arabic words you carved into the candle
9 times as best as you can.
(9 is a very important number. For all the religions the
Djinn follow, there is a holy trinity, which equals 3. 9 is the
number 3
(representing the trinity) exactly 3 times.)
Here are the words once more:
A'oo Thu Billahi min Ash Shaitan Arrajim
As soon as you’ve completed the recitations,
the Djinn will become aware that you are attempting to
contact them, and will be very receptive to you.
You may begin to feel
strange sensations
in your body,
or get the feeling that something is
in the room with you…don’t be afraid.
This is normal,
as it is the Djinn making their presence known to you.
The Djinn are just like mankind…they often long for
All humans have an energy within them
that the Djinn love to feed open.
This will be your offering to the Djinn to get it to come to
you and live inside your item.
Human hair carries a great amount of this energy
the Djinn love to feed on.
A strand of your own hair will be
your offering to the Djinn.
Now, you must recite the following words EXACTLY as
they are here:
“I wish to speak to you in the kings English now.
I offer you my own energy to do with as you wish in
exchange for your guidance.”
(as you say this, IMMEDIATELY reach up, pluck a single
hair from your head, and place it into the bowl.
Pause for a moment.
Now, take the item you wish the Djinn to go into,
and also place it into the bowl).
Now, repeat three times the following:
“I command you to enter into the ___(say the name of your
item) lain here.
I command you to enter into the ___ lain here.
I command you to enter into the ___ lain here.”
Now, pause for a moment,
and then pick up the white candle, and blow it out.
Then, pick up the black candle and blow it out,
symbolizing the removal of free will
(and thus making you the Djinns master).
Leave the red candle burning.
Now, remove the item from inside the bowl, and set it aside.
Reach into the bowl, remove your strand of hair, and
carefully drop it into the flame of the red candle.
Allow the hair to burn completely.
As soon as the hair is burnt, the offering will be considered
completed by the Djinn, and it will live inside
the item you commanded it to.
As soon as the hair is burnt completely, blow out the red
thus ending the Formula.
The Formula has been completed, and if you followed
everything perfectly and as it was laid out,
your Djinn will now be captured in the item
you commanded it enter.
Some people will be able to immediately feel the Djinns
For others, the won’t feel anything for days, or even weeks.
Since your Djinn is new to you,
there is very little chance it will appear as a
physical manifestation until it gains your trust.
If you wish to ask it a question, however, there are ways
that most Djinn prefer to answer you.
If you wish to ask it a question, before it gets used to you,
and will answer you with audible sound, do this:
Take a pencil in your weakest hand, and place it on the first
line of an empty piece of paper.
Ask the question outloud, in the presence of the Djinn,
and command the Djinn to guide your hand and lead your
to answers.
Then, close your eyes, and begin moving the pencil slowly
in random patterns, just doing whatever feels right,
without thinking about what you’re writing, until the paper
is covered.
Then, open your eyes, and examine the paper.
Many times you will find that (if your Djinn isn’t too
stubborn), it will have guided your hand to write out the
answer to your questions within the paper.
Just look for words scattered among the random marks.
Another way, and a way the Djinn prefer to communicate
with their masters, is through the dream world.
To communicate this way, simply have the Djinn close to
you, and, right before you go to bed, do a 10 or 15 minute
meditation on the question you would like the Djinn to
Then, go to sleep immediately after.
You’ll find that the Djinn will appear in your dreams,
in one form or another, and will help to advise and guide
Of course, after your Djinn becomes used to you,
and accepts you as its master, it may appear to you in one
form or another,
and you may ask it to grant you

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