Summon Lucifer

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I have done this ritual, it works but you have to know.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 4 Red/Black Candles in North, west, east and South.
  • Alone

Casting Instructions for 'Summon Lucifer'

1. Its a satanic ritual.

2. Lucifer doesnt apear as a person his energy is there but you wont see him.

3. You have to know that you can communicate with him in your mind.

4. Dont think that something bad will happen to you if you do the ritual like in movies. Have positive thoughts so that this will be safe.

5. You can have loud music.

6. If you want to cast a wish you have to have a piece of paper and burn it from in the candle flame.

The right way is to have 3 phases: ~Beginning

~Body Ritual

~End 1. Beginning: Place four candles north, east, south, west (could be of any color, although I prefer black ones, but you can have one of each corresponding color) on each quarters of the circle. Altar is in the middle. - Take Deep breath, Relax mentally and physically. - Take you finger up to the sky and draw Lucifers Sigil. take the energy from the Candles (elements fire Earth air water) visualizing energy lines creating the symbol ( IF YOU DONT KNOW THE SIGIL CLICK THE LINK!!) - Then chant this 3 times Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar, Lucifer 2. Body ritual: In the body ritual its your choice.. You can - Dance - Sing - Talk - Have Sex - Sacrifise (NOT ANIMAL / CHILD, THEY ARE HOLY TO SATAN) - Write a wish and burn it in the Candle - Draw his sigil and burn it - Work with energy - Meditate - Or whatever you want to, Its up to you! PRAYER: Then pray to Lucifer, Pray from your heart what ever you want to say to him and end with a Ave Satanas. 3. End: Thank Lucifer for listening and be with you and show some respect and say Good bye to him then. THIS IS IMPORTANT DONT BLOW OF THE CANDLE, WAIT UNTIL IT BLOWS OFF FROM ITSELF OR TAKE THE FIRE OUT WITH YOUR FINGERS, IT DOESNT HURT TRUST ME !!! Effect: You will feel his energy and presence. You can get Cold or warm or neutral. If you get a Dream, dont worry its nothing bad. If you want to summon A demon (Not Lucifer) Then Mail me. This works 100% questions? Mail me. HAIL SATAN 666

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