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I have one of the original copy of the bbok of shadows here is a initiation ritual

Casting Instructions for 'Initiation into a coven ritual-IMPORTANT TO JOIN A COVEN'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a person willing to join coven
  • knife
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a person willing to join coven
  • knife

Preistess mus be holding a dagger to joinging member and chant

Who comes before the circle?

Who wished to gain entrance at the gate?

By what name are you called

_____(person says name)

Know the this that it would be far better to plunge yourself onto my dagger than to enter the circle with fear in your heart

-they then reply with

perfect peace and perfect love

then whe preistes would say

all who bring such words are welcome, blessed be your fee which have brought you this way blessed be your oins that bear the fruit of the future blesse be your breast that nourish the young, blessed be your lips that will speak the words of magik wisdom blessed be the preistess ______(persons name) and witch here are the tools of the craft and remember this thou must suffer to learn. welcome ____ preist and witch.

please take care whomever is performing this ritual and DO NOT stab the person whom you are welcoming into your coven it is a light press to the bottom of the throught, make sure you do not move

if you have any other question please mail me as I have the copy of the book of shadows and I will gladly answer any questions you may have


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This requires an edit due to the spelling and grammar mistakes, it can be a little confusing and an initiation should be clear. Also, while there is nothing wrong with being inspired by movies, using the initiation from The Craft but changing a couple words does not fill me with confidence that it works. I would research a few other coven initiations and should your coven desire to design their own, they can borrow from this which borrowed from The Craft. If you wish to use this one specifically, I do not see any harm, unless someone takes the stabbing part literally. Initiations are to welcome new members into the coven. I would add a part pertaining to oaths and coven secrets since most initiations include all of the rules in the ritual. Honestly, this sounds like the beginning of a ritual. You a just welcome the members. There is nothing else. No meditation, cake and ale, spell craft, ritual prayers or even a farewell blessing. Overall, unless you want to piece together your ritual from several incomplete rituals written by strangers, look for a complete ritual.

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