Banishing Powder

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Most herbs can be pulverized either in a pestle and mortar, a coffee grinder or in a blender to make various powders for specific purposes. In an emergency you can also use commercially dried spices and blend them yourself. The following powder is designed to get rid of pests, both human and otherwise. It has a slightly oriental feel to it.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Equal quantities of peppercorns
  • Similar quantity of ginger
  • Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) powder

Casting Instructions for 'Banishing Powder'

Grind all the ingredients together. As you do so visualize the pest walking away from you into the sunset. Sprinkle the resulting powder sparingly around the edge of the area you wish to protect.

You can also sprinkle the powder where you know it is where the pest will walk. There is no need to make it obvious that you have sprinkled this powder. Indeed the more unobtrusive it is the better. You should be aware however thatsince the spell uses the idea of heat, all the ingredients are hot the powder should not be used when you are angry, and you must be very sure you do not wish to have any contact with your pest.


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