Bad Juju Removal

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Exactly as it says. Shared by C.C. Baker.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Wax paper, or another strong paper
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Rock salt/Sea salt or ordinary table salt, does not matter
  • A piece of string
  • Rose Quartz Pendant or other lucky charm

Casting Instructions for 'Bad Juju Removal'

Get a piece of wax paper or another kind of strong paper. Write on it carefully what you know about the curses/hexes, like who cast them, or where they came from, and/or when this started (the date). If you dont know any details, just write My two curses or hexes on the paper so that we all know what this for and what its going to do. Place three spoonfuls of salt (rock salt, or sea salt, or just ordinary table salt) into the paper and make a bundle out of it that you can tie to a piece of string.

Wear it over your heart for three days and three nights. The salt will draw out the curses or hexes and take them into itself. On the morning of the fourth day, open the package, and let water wash the salt away. You can do this in a river or by an ocean shore, scatter it outside when it is raining hard, or simply in your sink if you have no access to flowing water elsewhere. Burn the paper and the string.

Wear a rose quartz pendant or a healing or lucky charm you already own over the heart for 9 days after that, so that whatever was damaged by the presence of the curse or hex gets healed and restored, and your defense systems grow strong again. Note any dreams during the 3 days, and what feelings you have on the 4th after releasing the salt for nature to cleanse.


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