Get rid of anger

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It is to make someone who is mad at you stop. The person has to be someone that you care abou and love. And you want to make your relationship better. Otherwise the spell won't work.

Casting Instructions for 'Get rid of anger'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a photo of the person (optional) one orange candle
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a photo of the person (optional) one orange candle
Light the candle and think about the person. First think the situation as it is now. What happend? why is he/she mad at you? do that for a little while meditating. Then try to focus on the good times you had with this person. Let the tense leave and keep only the good feelings. Now stare the photo or if you don't have one the flame and imagine the person. And chant;

You who may be upset with me
You, who may not see my pain
Feel the love I have for you
Try to be merciful and understand me
Get rid the anger now!
So mote it be!

Now think about the person calming down and huging you and it will happent.
That spell was given to me by Monicawolf... Love you Mon :P


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Hi there. I need a spell to make my husbund leave his bad addictions..drug/alchol. He was in out rehabs..did leave him befor, but I need to do a spell on him. He need to be purified? I know it cant be forced...but I need to do it. To try help him. Any advise on spells?

Do you blow out the candle after or let it burn down? What is more effective

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