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A simple spell that'll help you repair your friendship or other relationship with another person. It can be used in-regards to both long and short-term conflict.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • One yellow or pink candle (white is a manageable substitute for any other colour) - I recommend a tealight, because you should let the wick burn naturally and it'd take a long time otherwise.
  • One small piece of paper - you should cut it before starting if needed, if you cut after writing on the paper it can be construed as severing a relationship, especially if you use scissors.
  • One black pen - the inkier the more raw, but any biro should work if necessary.
  • Matches or a lighter (for obvious reasons).

Casting Instructions for 'Repair a Relationship (also works for family or friends)'


Write your own full name on the piece of paper, followed by that of the individual you wish to repair your friendship with. This can also work for a relative or relationship, and you could theoretically write several names of people you wish to reconcile with - although I wouldn't recommend it, it could weaken the effects.


Draw a circle around the names - it doesn't need to be perfect, but if does need to completely surround the names, and be unbroken.


Place the paper on a surface and position your candle on top of it, in the center of the circle. Light it and watch the flame for a moment. See the way it flickers, smell the burning, watch the circular shadow around the base. Move your hands closer and feel the heat. The energy, the power. This is the same energy that you're channeling into the task.


The more you become aware of that energy, and the more you interact with it, the higher the power and scope of the spell will be. I've even known people to touch the hot wax afterwards, although I obviously can't officially recommend that as it could cause you physical harm. Regardless, this is a relatively basic spell and it shouldn't be overly necessary.


When you've finished initial interactions with the flame, keep watching it, think about the individual you wish to fix things with, and repeat the following phrase 3 times:

“Peace and resolution, I ask from your heart. I make amends in the power I send. Let yesterday stay in yesterday, and tomorrow bring back trust.”


Spells are variable, the words are less important than the intent you're powering behind them - this is why you can usually guarantee that anybody who tells you to use Latin phrases is bluffing. The intent and belief are a form of magic, or what's known as manifestation - that, as well as the energy surrounding that via the candle, are the two most important things you require if you'd like this to work.


Every 15 - 30 minutes, you need to repeat the chant 3 times and keep the image of the individual in your mind again. This is simply to put even more mental power behind the spell - do it too often and you'll be exhausted by the end and may fail to keep up momentum. There's absolutely no benefit from attempting more than 3 chants per 15 minutes.


Whilst waiting between chant sessions, keep aware of the flame and try to clear your mind. Be aware of the light from the flame (an easier task with the light off, if able), be aware of the scent, the warmth. Warm your fingertips and touch them in circles over your heart - feel it. Feel that raw energy.


The spell is not over until the candle has naturally burnt down, and relighting is not advisable. Try to get it done in one session, and under no circumstances should you ever use a candle for multiple spells, even if you extinguish it between uses. This will confuse the energy and could weaken both spells far too heavily to make the process worth your while.


When the candle has burnt, if there's still melted wax, tip some onto the sheet of paper - it shouldn't burn if you're gentle, it'll just dry onto the sheet. If the wax isn't wet enough and has dried too quickly, don't worry too much. Just discard the candle.


In either case, do not let the paper get destroyed until after the spell's results have begun to surface.


Good luck.


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