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Name: Hatter.
Location: United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 24 Feb 2024
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As far as magic goes, my key specialties have been cold weather manipulation, altering thoughts and emotions and, more generally, what's known as black magic. I'm unafraid to alter spells to forge a more powerful path, even though some of these alterations are often avoided due to their risks to the physical form.

I believe the evidence backs up an increase in the effectiveness and scope of a spell if one directly draws energy from something else, such as the heat or light from candles or other flames. The more directly one interacts with that energy, the more powerful the outcome - which can be a little unorthodox and, occasionally, painful. Magic is a scale, a balance, a delicate tiptoe along a very narrow line. Energy shifts, thoughts shift, but no magic comes from nothing, and utilising that knowledge can be a powerful ally. Though frowned upon, I often trade spells (or make deals with non-magic users), to offset the cosmic cost of a particular spell.

In my day-to-day life, I'm merely a corporate specialist and negotiator - although it may seem a little random, that career has actually helped me further my abilities as a practitioner of dark magic. I was already highly capable of manipulating the minds and activities of others, and those skills have only been heightened by my movements in other mental realms.

I'm in the process of developing Wonderland, my community and academy of mages who follow a similar thinking process as I do, Dark Essentials, an independent dark magic book publisher, and Hatter: The Method to My Madness, my upcoming spell book with some lesser-known secrets that aren't commonly used in modern day spellcasting.