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Spell originally by Cassie Uhl on Zenned Out.

Casting Instructions for 'Love Candle Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Pink candle with a heart carving
  • Jasmine/Ylang Ylang essential oil
  • Rose quartz/garnet
  • Mirror
  • Rose petals/rose/rose water
  • Best performed on a waxing crescent moon

 Start by cleansing all of your items for the spell. This can be done by wafting sage smoke over them or visualizing white light cleansing them. For this spell, you’ll be carving a heart symbol into your candle.

Anoint your candle with the oil of choice. As you carve and anoint your candle visualize a haze of pink and green light forming around you.

Arrange your crystals, other items, and candle. Light your candle and look into your mirror. Begin to say loving affirmations about yourself like: I love myself. I am beautiful. My body is perfect just as it is. I am grateful for my beautiful body. Once you’re finished continue to meditate in front of the flame, visualizing the loving pink and green light around you. Continue this until your candle burns completely or snuff out your candle and return to this ritual on the next night or until your candle is completely burned. Keep your items up as a loving reminder as long as you’d like.



This spell belongs to Cassie Uhl.

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