Crush On Me!

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Simple candle spell to create a crush
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 2 orange candles
  • 1 red candle
  • Come To Me Oil (Preferably), or Attraction Oil
  • Love Oil
  • Pink,Red, or Green (The colors of love) gris-gris bag

Casting Instructions for 'Crush On Me!'

Inscribe on the red candle the name of your intended. Annoint that same red candle with Love Oil. Take the two orange candles,and annoint with either the Come to Me Oil or Attraction Oil. Bless, cleanse and consecrate your tools, alter (or sacred space). Ground and center. Concentrate on his or her face . Now say:

'' By the power of love and light,
I enchant you with my beauties delight!
Igniting desire, creating a crush,
Turning your heart into mush!
Likeing me more than anyone before,
Infused with lust and passion in store!
Drawing you here like moth to flame,
Calling to you in loves true name!
Beckoning your heart to cry for mine,
Crush on me through loves design!''

Let the red candle burn completey down. Mush the semi hot candle wax together and place into a gris-gris bag A.K.A draw-string bag carry it with you always.
*NOTE: if your a guy using this spell ,you might want to change the ''beauties'' part to ''charm''.

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