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A powerful wish spell, which may bring about nearly any desire one may have. Be warned: This spell, though requiring nothing but one's own voice, is very long.
You will need the following items for this spell:

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Casting Instructions for 'To Have Any Wish Granted'

To have any wish granted, first remain pure for the space of seven days. In this time, eat nothing, drink only water, have no sexual intercourse, and speak neither insult nor sarcasm to any. On the seventh day, do not speak to anyone until twilight. At this time, speak the following incantation, all the while visualizing what it is you desire:

"My heart is burdened with great desires. I, NN, whose mother is NN, call upon the divine powers to grant my wish. I bind all nature to my bidding, by the eternal and ineffable names YAHAWAHA, YAHAWAHE, YAHAWAHI, YAHAWAHO, YAHAWAHU. Let the wind refuse to blow until my desires are fulfilled, almighty YAHAWEHA, YAHAWEHE, YAHAWEHI, YAHAWEHO, YAHAWEHU. Let the fire grow cold until my wish is granted, only-begotten YAHAWIHA, YAHAWIHE, YAHAWIHI, YAHAWIHO, YAHAWIHU. Let the earth refuse to hold until this thing is done, most blessed YAHAWOHA, YAHAWOHE, YAHAWOHI, YAHAWOHO, YAHAWOHU. Let the oceans go dry until my will is done, unfathomable YAHAWUHA, YAHAWUHE, YAHAWUHI, YAHAWUHO, YAHAWUHU."

Here, speak your wish, clearly and concisely, then continue.

"In the holy names of YAHEWAHA, YAHEWAHE, YAHEWAHI, YAHEWAHO, YAHEWAHU, I bind the sphere of the Moon to my service. May the tides not move until my wish is granted, by the almighty names YAHEWEHA, YAHEWEHE, YAHEWEHI, YAHEWEHO, YAHEWEHU. Likewise, in the holy names of YAHEWIHA, YAHEWIHE, YAHEWIHI, YAHEWIHO, YAHEWIHU, I bind the sphere of Mercury to my service. May neither speech nor trade occur in all the human race until my wish is granted, by the almighty names YAHEWOHA, YAHEWOHE, YAHEWOHI, YAHEWOHO, YAHEWOHU. Likewise, in the holy names of YAHEWUHA, YAHEWUHE, YAHEWUHI, YAHEWUHO, YAHEWUHU, I bind the sphere of Venus to my service. Let no love spring forth from the hearts of men nor women nor animal until my wish is granted."

Speak again your wish, clearly and concisely, before continuing.

"Likewise, in the holy names of YAHIWAHA, YAHIWAHE, YAHIWAHI, YAHIWAHO, YAHIWAHU, I bind the sphere of the Sun to my service. Let no light shine on the earth until my wish is fulfilled, by the almighty names YAHIWEHA, YAHIWEHE, YAHIWEHI, YAHIWEHO, YAHIWEHU. Likewise, in the holy names of YAHIWIHA, YAHIWIHE, YAHIWIHI, YAHIWIHO, YAHIWIHU, I bind the sphere of Mars to my service. May no acts of courage or conflict occur until my wish has been fulfilled, by the almighty names YAHIWOHA, YAHIWOHE, YAHIWOHI, YAHIWOHO, YAHIWOHU. Likewise, in the holy names YAHIWUHA, YAHIWUHE, YAHIWUHI, YAHIWUHO, YAHIWUHU, I bind the sphere of Jupiter to my service. Halt the actions of kings and rulers until my wish has been fulfilled, by the almighty names YAHOWAHA, YAHOWAHE, YAHOWAHI, YAHOWAHO, YAHOWAHU. Likewise, in holy names YAHOWEHA, YAHOWEHE, YAHOWEHI, YAHOWEHO, YAHOWEHU, I bind the sphere of Saturn to my service. Let neither saint nor sinner pray or worship until my wish has been fulfilled, by the almighty names YAHOWIHA, YAHOWIHE, YAHOWIHI, YAHOWIHO, YAHOWIHU. Indeed, let it be true and very true, by the foremost names YAHOWOHA, YAHOWOHE, YAHOWOHI, YAHOWOHO, YAHOWOHU, that the spheres will not influence the earth, nor the lives of men, until this desire has come to pass, for such is the will of YAHOWUHA, YAHOWUHE, YAHOWUHI, YAHOWUHO, YAHOWUHU."

Speak once more your desire, clearly and concisely, making certain to visualize what you desire.

"Thus I have spoken, and thus shall it be, by the immortal and ineffable names YAHUWAHA, YAHUWAHE, YAHUWAHI, YAHUWAHO, YAHUWAHU, by the ineffable and infallible names YAHUWEHA, YAHUWEHE, YAHUWEHI, YAHUWEHO, YAHUWEHU, by the infallible and most blessed names YAHUWIHA, YAHUWIHE, YAHUWIHI, YAHUWIHO, YAHUWIHU, by the most blessed and righteous names YAHUWOHA, YAHUWOHE, YAHUWOHI, YAHUWOHO, YAHUWOHU, by the righteous and sacred names YAHUWOHA, YAHUWOHE, YAHUWOHI, YAHUWOHO, YAHUWOHU, by the sacred and almighty names YAHUWUHA, YAHUWUHE, YAHUWUHI, YAHUWUHO, YAHUWUHU, and by the almighty names of ADONAI TZEBAOTH, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, God of Gods, and Foremost of All Creation. Indeed, by these names my wish is granted, for I am NN, whose mother is NN. Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, and Amen."

When this is done, go to bed without speaking to anyone, though you may speak prayers.


Additional Notes:

    This spell is done via manipulation of the vowels of the Tetragrammaton, the ineffable Name of God, using the five vowels of Hebrew between each letter. As one can observe, the first vowel (A) never changes; this is because A is the chief and foremost of letters. However, I do suppose one could - if sufficiently desiring - repeat the spell using every permutation of the Tetragrammaton (YEHAWAHA, YEHAWAHE, etc.), but - if I were to put it casually - you can do that. As it stands, this spell is long enough.

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