How to Be Attractive to a Certain Person

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This spell is permanent. If done wrong, the results could be kind of bad. But when done right, you will be more physically attractive to the person you use this spell on.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 white candle
  • 1 red candle
  • 1 small white towel
  • You need the person
  • 1 silver necklace
  • 2 Bowls of water
  • 1 Piece of paper
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 piece of red chalk
  • 1 cup of salt (not measurment, just some)

Casting Instructions for 'How to Be Attractive to a Certain Person'


1: Light the candles. Put the red one to the right of the bowl of water, and the white one on the left.

2: Take the pencil and write this person's name on the piece of paper. Also write: 

He/she may not see me as I want.
But when the it burns this all shall change.
He/she will not see me as he/she does.
But as something in his/her mind.
Do not let me be ignored.
He/she shall love the way I look.

3: Put the silver necklace in side the paper and wrap it around.

4: Place the paper on the left candle. Let it burn.

5: When the paper is gone, pour a bowl of water over the right one, then the left one.

6: Pick up the charm using the towel.

7: Take the towel and fold it around the jewelry. It should be folded into a square.

8: Get the second bowl of water.

9: Use the chalk to draw a circle under the water on the bottom of the bowl. It should fit the towel.

10: Place the towel in the circle. Place the chalk on the towel. Pour the salt in the water. Draw circles in the salt around the towel.

11: This is where it gets hard. If you say this in Latin, it will be stronger. If you say it in English, it will still work.

"This silver charm lies in the stream
It shall be the key to the beauty and his/her love
I trap his/her heart and his/her only love in this silver
It shall work only for me."


"Hoc argentum leporem iacet in flumine
  Et decor erit clavis / di-
  Trap I / eius, et cor eius / in eam ad hoc tantum argenti in caritate
Et erit pro me solum facere"

When you say the second to last line, think of his/her face as to not be confused with people with the same name.

12: Take out the charm, and wear it. 

13: When you see him/her next, whisper into their ear,

"This shall be the one,
Make it so that I change
But only in his/her eyes
When my silver is removed
It shall not be."

Tip: When you put on the necklace, the spell will work and you will be more attractive. When it is taken off, you are not. If someone else puts it on, it doesn't work.


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I highly doubt this works. It is possible to create a beauty or love charm and specify it so it attracts a specific person, but you will not trap them or bind them to you. They still have free will. A love/beauty charm would make the person notice you and be fonder towards you. If you do not try to speak with them, or find common interests, the spell will fail. Also, saying something in Latin, or any language, does not make it stronger. You need to know what you are saying so you can focus on the spell, and not pronouncing the words correctly. Historically, Latin was utilized by the clergy and witches began using it as a way to ''get back'' at the church. It does not mean the spell is better if in Latin. Say it in your native language. It is your confidence behind the words that matters.

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