Make Your Crush Love You

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If you have a crush why waste your time in stalking him, when there is a spell to make him love you.

Casting Instructions for 'Make Your Crush Love You'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 8 pink candles
  • Your crush's picture
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 8 pink candles
  • Your crush's picture

Form your pink candles into circle and make sure that your crush's picture is in the middle of the circles. As you light the candles say his/her name 8 times. When the candles are finally lighted chant this words 8 times.

"I had loved you
From yesterday,today,and tomorrow.
I never get tired for loving you
I never stopped loving you
And from this day on
You will be one to love
Fom yesterday,today,and tomorrow
And you will never stop loving me".


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after we say the chant, are we supposed to blow it off? (sorry I'm new)

Dec 18, 2020
Leave the candle to burn out. [Use a small candle so you're not sitting there for hours] You need to charge the candle with energy before lighting it [the energy is magick and is essential for spells to work] and as it burns, sit and visualize/imagine your desired outcome [this further aid the spell] Some schools of thought believe blowing out candles might blow away some of the energy or offends the fire element, so they would snuff out the candle. Personally, I'm used the snuffing out candles, and unless I plan to recast over several nights or I'm symbolically sending away an unwanted person/energy, I would let it burn out completely.

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