How to Make a Spell

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These are tips and instructions I wrote to help you with spell casting.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Belief
  • Confidence
  • Faith
  • Voice

Casting Instructions for 'How to Make a Spell'

I am going to tell you about magic and spells are and
what they do and the effects of it.
They are different kinds of spells. Some fall under
White magic which is good and some fall under black magic.
Which is bad magic which depends on the effects of the spell.
For example if you do a healing spell that.
Is what white magic and if you do a spell to hurt or kill.
Someone that is black magic. Depending on what the spell does, it
Is either white or black magic.

Always be careful when casting spells. Follow the directions carefully and be aware.
That is very important. Cause if you just cast a spell and don’t care
about what it will do and not so careful with it and just cast it without
Being careful then the spell will probably have a bad effect on you.

Now onto the next thing. People have problems with this a lot.
They think they cast just cast a spell and then it works with nothing.
Spells work if you have one thing. That one thing is belief. If you don’t believe
If you don’t believe in magic then spells won’t work for you.

Also people ask this a lot. They constantly ask “does this work?” “Do spells work?”
“Have this spell worked on anyone?” “Can you show my proof that this spell works?”
Thinking this won’t do a thing except to say words that show or do nothing.
Think positive. Always do. Think something like “I believe.” “This will work” “I can do this”
If you just believe, think, and know the spell will work, promise me, it will.

Now on to steps to make a spell. First in certain spells, they require certain things.
Some things that you need for the spell is based on or goes along with the spell.
For example, a mermaid spell requires water cause being a mermaid is all about water.
For a vampire spell, it requires nighttime because being a vampire is all about nighttime.
When making a spell, think of things you need that goes along with the spell.

Now on writing a spell. Some spells rhyme and some don’t. Some spells are written
Like poetry. Some of them rhyme to show you want something. Spells don’t have
To rhyme but it does make spells a higher chance of working better. In a spell,
Describe your wish, describe what you want. It can be either long or short, depending
On how you want your wish to be. When writing a spell, in the beginning you can
Write who you are calling on to grant you the wish. For example, in a mermaid spell, you
Write something like “mermaids of the sea, hear my plea”. You are telling the mermaids
To make you a mermaid.

Also be patient. People have problems with this a lot. They expect spells to work in 5 or 10 minutes. If the spell doesn’t work in 5 or 10 minutes, they get pissed off and say “wtf this spell doesn’t work. I give up. I am so done.” When they get frustrated they lose their belief in spells
And the spells don’t work for them. So have patience and belief and spells will have a higher
Chance to work for you.

Also don’t listen to other people. People will try to bring you down and lose your
Belief in magic like saying “magic isn’t real”, “grow up magic is not true”, or something like
That. Believe what you believe in. Don’t listen to others. People at my school joke around
With me when they know I do spells and witchcraft. I don’t listen to them cause
That is what I believe in and that is what I like doing. I let them believe in what they believe
In and let them do what they do.

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This is an article, not a spell. It also needs an edit. ''Black and white magick'' is wrong. Magik is a neutral energy. Spells are about intention. The belief that white is good and black is evil is not only historically a racist construct, it also makes spells too simplistic. In some Magikal paths, curses are a common practice. It is believed curses are part of a healthy practice just as anger is a natural emotion. It is how we act on it that makes it negative in societies eyes. On the topic of belief. Yes, believe in your skill. Believe you cast correctly and it will manifest. However, Magik does not require your belief to work. Magik brings change. That is what Magik is. Believe in your spell casting, but do not rely on it. Do not assume you cast and therefore it will occur. There are many factors at play. You cast a spell for a job, but do not apply for jobs. It does not matter how strongly you believed or how perfect the spell is. Also, circling back to ''black and white'' many consider job spells to be ''white magick'' because you are helping someone find work. But, by casting the spell to win favour with the employer, you have taken the job from another person who might have needed the job more than you. You need to consider all possibilities and be willing to live with any outcome known and unknown to you. Especially if you end spells with ''harm to none'' because that could be enough to unravel a well cast spell. As for the required items. You focus and energy matter most, but the items you use are to take some of the pressure off of your ability to conjure energy. Choose items associate with your goal, so the items natural energy is not fighting against your spell. As for mermaids, you cannot become one, but you can call on them. Using water, aquatic items like seaweed and shells, mermaid imagery, and calling on mermaids to aid your spell is possible. You can work with mermaids as they are spiritual beings. Having a bath and meditating about them can help you connect with their energies. Research their lore and use it as a framework for your craft. Yes, Magik takes time. Be aware of the energy around you. Be observant. Act as if your spell has already manifested. Tell yourself you will get the job, but actually apply for the job. Tell yourself you will get that raise, but do not slack off. That attitude charges your bodies energy to further attract that change. That is what we mean when we say you have to believe in your spells for them to work. Not that belief alone will make them work.

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