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This spell only works if you feel true love towards the other.
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Casting Instructions for 'Love prayer to the Norse Gods'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Belief
  • Night
  • One specific person on your mind
  • Concentration
  • Time
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Belief
  • Night
  • One specific person on your mind
  • Concentration
  • Time
First of all, you need to do this right before going to sleep in your bed. Do this at your own risk, they'll only grant you the love if you truly deserve it, otherwise nothing's going to happen.
So, as I said, right before you go to sleep, chant this three times (if it's a female, feel free to change the spell as you chant):
'I'm in love, but he is not
I need him, but he does not
Make that switch up
Make him love
Make me the one he should love
By the power of the Norse gods
I'm begging for a miracle
For he's the only one I need
I'm awfully consumed by greed
He should want me to only be his
Until the end of time I shall chant this

Goddess Freya of Norse love and passion
Make his heart mine, so none of us will suffer
I wish for my eternal prayer to be heard,
Hear me gods, so mote it be.'

after you've done this, try to fall asleep, and feel free to repeat this spell anytime throughout any day after that. Just a reminder; this is a strong spell, only use it if you're really desperate and determined, or else the Norse gods won't hear your call.


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trying this immediately!!

I am doing this. Please, Freya, I really do want Ania to open up her heart again and make the effort to get to know me on a more serious note. I know she has social anxiety/is scared to open up .. and she is not in a proper mental/emotional state now.. but she has the opportunity to come visit me, but instead she is still determined to go to Qatar. Please send her to me instead 🙏🏻

If you do not work with Freya, I would not call on her. Especially if you do not have an offering. Also, this is very broad. You do not say their name or have an item/photo from the person to direct the Magik toward them. Also, you are begging Freya out of nowhere to give you the person you like without any effort on your part, so I highly doubt this will work unless you add to it or already work with Freya.

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