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This is a curse to put on someone if they have hurt you physically or mentally. It can also be used as a revenge spell.

Casting Instructions for 'Black Orb Curse'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Black candle
  • Matches/lighter

First light the black candle in the dark room at night/noon. Meditate for a little while about how much you hate them and what they have done to you. Then chant the following; " I cast this curse to delt them the worse, may nightmares come their way.
But soon the dreams if terror shall come, rain upon them right away"

Look deep into the candle and imagine your enemy standing, with their fears circling around them. Then open your hand, plam up, and visualize a small black orb growing bigger and bigger. The size of the orb will depend on how much terror and pain you want to bring them. ( be reasonable, you probably don't know what'll happen if you cause to much damage. The size of a tennis ball is good enough) then aim it at the candle and look back into the candle and visualize all of their fears jumping into them and making them go insane. Blow the black orb into the fire and blow the flame out at the same time.

Chant: "This curse is cast, relief at last. This person shall not hurt me. Revenge is taken. I'm not mistaken. I mean my words, first to last."

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Does this work?

Apr 01, 2020
Pretty well. It took about a week.

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