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This spell is for those who need to encourage some more cash flow into their life, for whatever reason(s) they may need it for. * Please note that this spell is NOT fire- or smoke-free. If need be it can be performed outside, preferably on a calm day with little to no winds.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A gold/silver coin, a coin with a hole through it, a coin of high monetary value, etc.
  • Two candles, preferably votive or pillar (try to aim for green and yellow, but green and white or just two white would work)
  • A fireproof dish/container
  • Matches
  • Allspice (ground)
  • Basil
  • Bergamot (found in Earl Gray tea as flavouring)
  • Dill
  • Oats
  • Orange or blueberry essential A small bowl of sea salt or a cleansing incense (eg. sandalwood) (optional)
  • A piece of paper and a pencil (optional)
  • String or cord in green, yellow or white, or a necklace matching the material/colour of your coin (optional)
  • A small bag, an inch or so on all sides, made of tightly woven cloth (green or yellow if you can, though black or white can substitute) (optional)

Casting Instructions for 'Money Drawing Coin Charm'



  • Instead of the coin, you could use a dollar bill or any other paper money, and a small glass vial.
  • Feel free to use any of the following dried ingredients as well as/instead of those listed above, or any other personal associations you have for money/wealth: cinnamon, chamomile (from a tea bag is fine), clover, cloves, comfrey, ginger, honeysuckle, jasmine, marjoram, mint, moonwort, nutmeg, oak chips, orange peel/rinds, patchouli, pine chips, sesame, vervain, wheat, woodruff.

Special Notes:

  • Be sure that all of your plant ingredients are fully dried so they will burn properly.
  • Always double and triple check that the herbal ingredients you are using are safe to handle and/or burn, and be aware of any allergies or allergic reactions.

Spell Timing:

  • Day of the week: Sunday or Thursday
  • Moon phase: Waxing moon

Collect your supplies. Prepare yourself for spellwork in whichever way you normally do (meditate, cast a circle, set up your altar/workspace, etc.). Set out the fireproof dish and the candles, one to each side of it. If you are using a mix of colors, place the green candle on the left side. If you chose to use essential oil, now is the time to anoint the candles with it. Light both candles when ready.

Put equal parts of every herb/plant you have chosen into the dish; a teaspoon or two of each should suffice, depending on how many ingredients you are using. Mix them all up with your fingers. As you do this, focus on the intent of drawing money and wealth your way. Think about the reason(s) you need/want money in your life; if there is a specific way you want the money brought to you (through tips or a raise at work, from paid commissions, starting a business, random gifts, etc.) keep that in mind; also try to set a time frame for when you want your money to appear (ex. in the next couple of weeks to a month). Channel these thoughts and your desire to obtain money into the herbs as you stir them with your hands. Do this for as long as you feel you need to for the herbs to be adequately charged.

If you wish to, draw a sigil on the paper to attract money or increase the flow of funds in your life. Once done, add the sigil into the herb mixture. Stir it in among the herb ingredients for their energies to fill and boost the power of the sigil. 

If you feel so inclined, pass the coin (or bill) through the smoke of a cleansing incense, or mix it around in a bowl of sea salt, to purify it of any negative energies it may have gathered over time.

When you are ready, light a match and drop it into the herbs. Allow a good amount of smoke to start drifting from them, then pass your coin (or bill) through it multiple times. As you do so, feel free to come up with a phrase/chant/mantra to recite mentally or vocally, though it isn’t necessary. You could also use the following (or as an example):

"Help draw money into my life
To ease myself of stress and strife
Bring to me the wealth I need
To help achieve my every deed."

As the smoke billows around the coin (or bill), visualize it being filled up with a green energy/light that will draw money towards you for your purpose(s). Pass the coin (or bill) through the smoke for as long as you feel necessary, until it feels adequately charged, or until all of the herbs and the accompanying sigil have smoldered down and are no longer burning.

String the coin if you can/so desire, or you can place it into a pouch with the ashes of the herbal mixture. (If you used a bill, fold it lengthwise and roll it into a tube shape as small as you can to fit it into a small glass vial, with or without the ashes; additionally, you could pierce a hole through the rolled up bill and thread it to fashion a necklace.) Carry the unstrung coin in your wallet, making sure to never spend it. If you were able to string it, you can wear it around your neck, or you could wear the pouch/glass vial with the bill similarly if you decided to use those.


  • The currency you use does not have to be the currency you use in your country/every day life; you could use any coin or paper money that you want.
  • It is preferred that you use real legitimate currency in order to draw the like towards yourself, but you can experiment with play/fake money or even printed-out money if you desire.
  • The vial or pouch can alternatively be placed with/near your financial documents if you can’t fashion a necklace or keep it on you for whatever reason.
  • This charm can be used for yourself or given to someone else to use; if for a specific target, be sure to keep their face and name in mind as the coin (or bill) is charged, direct its energies toward them, and give it to them to hold on to if at all possible.


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