Grow a Dead Flower

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This spell takes about 2 hrs to work

Casting Instructions for 'Grow a Dead Flower'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • •a dead flower
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • •a dead flower
Stand in front of the flower and say:

Grow little one, it shall be done.
Grow petals, deflect metals that may hurt you
Grow as good as new.

Chant 10x


Added to on Oct 18, 2013
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This does not work.

Mar 04, 2021
if you do not believe in it of course it will not work, stop being so negative and let us try, by commenting this you are making other people not believe in it and maybe even breaking their heart, let them try and see if it works or not so they won't be disappointed twice (no hate to you of course I saw you in many different 'spells' that contains resurrection, becoming a vampire etc. everyone knows that they are some kind of stupid writings and will not work but maybe some people will have fate in this so please do not break their trust to witchcraft :)

Mar 04, 2021
I am not stopping you from trying it. I am stating facts about Real Magik. If you wish to ignore my comment and try it, nobody is going to stop you. People who post facts on this site are not being negative, people simply enjoy latching on to the comments where we disagree with the spell. Personally, I chose to comment on all the spells to try and help new members navigate through the weeds. I decided to make my life easier, thought more annoying, by going through the obviously fake ones first, before working through the more plausible ones. When it comes to things like life and death, I do not need to explain much. Real Magik is part of nature, it is ruled by nature, it does not defy nature. Once something is dead, it cannot come back to life. There are the incredibly rare near death experiences or reviving someone, but this ''spell'' is different. This is, take an obviously dead thing, and return it to life with magik. That will not happen. Regarding your ''breaking their hearts'' comment, I do not care all that much. This site is for people 13 and older, and it is a site to discuss Real Magik. This translates to me as, people mature enough to hear a few facts about reality. I am not walking up to toddlers and telling them Santa is not real, I am stating a fact on a website created to discuss Real Magik. I feel lying to people more harmful in the long run, so hearing ''I am sad now because you stated a fact'' does not bother me.

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