Simple Guide To The Basics

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For those who are new to practicing magic.

Casting Instructions for 'Simple Guide To The Basics'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Dedication
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Dedication
The basics are the following:

1. Meditation

2. Visualization

3. Energy Manipulation -involves grounding/centering, energy flow and control, shielding and circle casting.

4. Correspondences -refers to elements, days, colors, tools, moon phases, etc.

As you mature and gain more experience, these things will become second nature. Although you may not necessarily use every single one, they are important and good to know because they are like stepping stones towards more serious practice. It usually takes at least a year or so to master all of them. Don't be disapointed or discouraged if it takes longer. If really want to learn this, then practice!

For more detailed information, you can research online.

Good luck and Blessed be!


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The title is accurate when it said simple. That is not a bad thing, but it requires an edit.

Saying meditation is fine, but what is meditation? Meditation is being present. While the stereotypical cross-legged monk meditation is the common view, and very useful, there are a plethora of other options. Walking meditations are another one. You could listen to a walking meditation track as you walk, or simply observe the world around you and listen to what you can hear. Sitting outside with your morning brew is another form of meditation. Guided meditations or meditation music can be utilized if you struggle to focus. The key to meditation is to let thoughts flow by without clinging to them. You should also be consistent with this practice. Try meditating every day at the same time for a week utilizing one of the methods and record how you feel before and after each session, then compare how you felt at the beginning of the week and the end of the week.

Visualization is rather self explanatory, but not everyone can imagine a perfect image in their head. Yes, this takes practice, so do not write it off as something you cannot do if you are out of practice. Start with something simple, like a red dot, then a red ball. Slowly, flesh out the image to you throwing the ball. Not everyone is visual, however, so use something that works for you. If certain music gives you a particular image in your mind, listen to that song. If you prefer writing or painting, create the image you wish to achieve. Visualization is important in Magik because it tells the energy what you wish to achieve. You think about how rich and successful you are while casting a wealth spell. Without doing that, the energy will not know if your vision of success is working a stressful job or your dream job.

Energy work, it is the ability to tap into and manipulate Magikal energy. This is how you cast spells. You need to charge energy into your body, use visualization to give it a specific vibrational charge, then direct it on a specific course. Charging, grounding, centering, shielding and psi balls are the basic building blocks of energy work. Circle casting is not ordinarily considered a form of energy work, but it is. You are creating a protective barrier and transforming the area within the circle to a Magikal state. There are many ways to cast a circle, but the basic premise is to focus energy, and walk around a circle in a clockwise motion as you direct this energy from you into the ground and create a sphere that goes above and below you to protect you. When you are finished, you would repeat the process in the opposite order, walking counter-clockwise and calling the energy back.

Correspondences are commonly utilized associations with an object. Colour correspondences refer the frequency the energy vibrates at. If you want a love spell, red is viewed as passion, while pink is romance. However, personal feelings toward an item can altar the energy the item possesses. So, while you can use correspondences to find ingredients that share a similar energy to the spell you wish to cast, if you do not resonate with an item, do not use it. If lavender turns your stomach, do not use it in a calming spell. If you love nutmeg, adding a pinch to your spells would personalize it to you.

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