How to make simple protective bracelets with stuff you already have

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Learn how to create your own protective bracelet with easy-to-obtain ingredients. You can personalize these to make them more for strength, healing, power, protection, and whatever else you can think of.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Red or pink twine
  • Purple or light blue twin
  • Green or brown twine
  • Blue twine
  • Ruler (optional, only if you’re exact)
  • Different colored beads (optional)
  • Crystal pendants (optional)
  • Feathers (optional)
  • Anything else you could attach to a bracelet, really. Those are just suggestions.

Casting Instructions for 'How to make simple protective bracelets with stuff you already have'

Note: this is basically a simple friendship bracelet pattern with a few add-ons. If (when lol) you can’t understand my instructions, you can use the link I’ve provided to make the bracelet. this video is easy to understand, just follow the instructions. Or you can try mine. Keep in mind that they use more strands and colors, when you’ll just be using twine. Also, they say to knot everything twice. Only do this if you want thicker stripes or are using really thin twine. 

1. Get out your twine and match up the ends of four different colors. Measure out a length that wraps around your wrist about two and a half or three times. Cut the strands and tie them together. 

2. Tape your bracelet to a table, wall, chair, anything close by. You can also cut more twine and tie it to a chair and have someone sit in the chair. Sort out your strands. 

3. Take the strand closest to your left hand (right if you’re a leftie). Let’s say this strand is blue. Pick blue up over the next strand, green. It should form a 4, with green as the straight line and blue as the little triangle part. 

4. Cross the end of blue under green and up through the triangle in the 4. Pull tight. 

5. Pick up blue again and do the same knot on red, the next thread. Then purple. 

6. When you’ve finished the row, pick up the thread that is now at the start of the row (next to your left or right hand) and do the same think. Don’t forget to tie it around the last thread, too. 

7. Continue in this pattern. If you want to attach charms, feathers, or beads, thread them onto a strand and keep on going. Once you get a little practice, you can make all sorts of cool patterns. 

8. When you’re done, tie the loose ends together. Then have someone help you tie the bracelet onto your wrist or the recipient’s wrist, so you won’t always be tightening it like me. 

9. Enjoy your new all-purpose bracelet!


The threads used correspond to different elements.

Red or Pink- Fire

Blue- Water

Purple or Light Blue- Air

Green or Brown- Earth

You can change the purpose of your bracelet depending on which colors you choose. A strength bracelet might have red and brown strands for fire and earth, or a protective bracelet might have purple and blue. Mix and match to get different results. 

Different Patterns:

The web is an amazing place, and it has a ton of cool patterns. Alter the way you make your bracelets and find what works best for you. I personally prefer candy stripe (what my instructions are for) because it’s simple and can be done with just four strands, but chevron and ladder are also great choices. They just take longer. 

Enjoy the benefits of your bracelet :)



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