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This potion is very powerful,take everything with caution please.The last wish potion will help you to grant you a wish that you wanted the most.CAN'T BE USE TWICE OR MORE,JUST ONCE IN YOUR LIFE.PLEASE WISH SOMETHING IMPORTANT.If you ignored the rule,YOU'LL BE PUNISH BY THE GOD WETHER IN THIS WORLD OR THE JUDGEMENT WORLD. It takes time to grant your wish,depending on what you're wishing for. You can wish anything BUT YOU CAN'T WISH FOR ANOTHER WISH. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. ''In this moment of life,some of us may have a wish of something that never came true.'' -me TrueMagick?
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A Large Candle(optional colours)
  • Filtered Water(Boiled one should do)(Small amount)
  • 1 Chinese Lime/regular(green)
  • 1 Small potion bottle
  • Circle of Light(Your Aura)
  • Pure Heart
  • Visualization (Third Eye)
  • Beliefs

Casting Instructions for 'The Last Wish Potion'

TAKE THINGS IN CAUTION,READ ALL THE SUMMARY FIRST!!! NO FLAVOUR ADDED EXCEPT THE REAL SPELL INGREDIENTS. IF THE SPELL IS NOT WORKED AT ALL,GOD HAS THE ANSWER DON'T ASK ME WHY. Beliefs is the key to find the success of this spell. First,light the candle first ,setup the circle of light and then ask to the candle: "I invoke all the elements especially the fire,please hear my plea.I invoke you here because I have a wish to be a reality" 2,prepare the boiled water/filtered with the lime.Leave the water first.Chant a wish that you wanted the most at the lime: (e.g:"I hope the cat that I draw will be come to the reality as soon as possible/I hope my imaginary friend came true/I hope I have a baby/I hope I pass the exam today,etc.") ADD ADDITIONAL REASON TO YOUR WISH AND PUT A FEELING ON YOUR WISH. And then,squeeze the lime to the water. Visualize your wish,words and feelings that you put on the incantation flow through the water. 3,After that,Chant these words and then blow the candle to the water: "Please make sure my dream came true,this is my last wish,this is for the eternity,so mote it be!" 4,Take a small amount of the water and put them in a potion bottle.If it's a lot,you can put them at the large Potion Bottle. 5,drink the potion,If it's a lot, YOU MUST DRINK THEM ALL OR IT'LL FAILED /SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN. Have a nice day and be safe, Harris. 

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