Everything Will Work Out Enchantment

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This is a simple jar spell/enchantment that I wrote quickly in order to solve a problem. This is an enchantment to help show solutions to a problem you are dealing with, solutions that will end positively and in your favor.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • small vial or jar
  • blue yarn or ribbon
  • origami stars
  • small pieces of paper
  • green marker

Casting Instructions for 'Everything Will Work Out Enchantment'

(((copied straight from my digital grimoire, sorry if the formatting is awkward)))

Preface (optional' you don't have to read this at all): 

    I was writing this spell while I was hyped up on adrenaline. My friends' and I's movie plans were almost ruined because of me and while I was calming down, I decided to sit down and write a spell. I didn't have time to do much research so I mostly went off of my own knowledge and what materials I had nearby. This is mainly a spell to have things turn out in your favor with also a dash of luck. Once the small vial/jar is done, I suggest trying it to a bag or item that you usually carry around with you, I usually tuck this jar into my backpack. 

    Why I chose these materials: I didn't have much reason for technically making this into a jar spell. I only had a jar nearby, thought it would be convenient and easy to carry around. It was also the same for the origami stars, they also symbolized soaring free and escaping troubles. The stars can be any color, mine are various neon colors, but I suggest making them yellow or white to symbolize pureness and optimism. The blue yarn is tied around the jar in order to center the energies inside and to also symbolize steadfastness and stability. I also believe that blue has a calming influence. The green papers are just to sprinkle in extra luck.



"Whatever problems I am facing will positively work out in the end and in my favor." 


  1.  blue yarn or ribbon 
  2. small vial or jar 
  3. origami stars 
  4. small pieces of paper 
  5. green marker 



I suggest making the origami stars beforehand, they can be any color and all that is required is that they fit in the jar/vial that you will be using. Before starting any spellwork, make sure to center, ground, and cast a circle. 

               For the first step, place or hover your hand/wand over your vial. 


"My troubles, they pester

they bubble boil and fester 

but with this jar will hold much luck, 

to fight against the force of dark 

and make my troubles ignite and spark." 

            Take your pieces of papers, and start to color them with your green marker. As you color say: 

"These papers show how fragile and small my problems are, 

green ink to pierce my problems' shield, 

and to make them yield." 

After this, place your now green papers into the vial (you can crumple or fold the papers if you wish for something better looking). 

Take the origami stars and hold them in your hand, hover another hand/wand above the stars if wanted. Say: 

"With these stars, I shall break free of my chains and soar

my problems will hold me no more. 

They will bend to my will, 

and turn out in my favor, 

my strength will not waver, 

I will turn out on top." 

Now seal your container. 

After sealing it, take your blue yarn and tie it around your vial. 

     While tying it, say: 

"With this thread, 

I seal these contents, 

to be with me, 

to give me luck, 

and to bring me prosperous futures my way. 

Here, this magic shall stay." 

You may conclude the spell here, or say whatever closing statement you wish. Remember to close the circle you've cast and thank any spirits or deities that took part in this enchantment with you. I also suggest leaving your jar out overnight in the moonlight, to charge it even more with power, the mindfulness, and stillness energy the moon gives off. 



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