Clarity and Focus

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In order for others to meet our needs, we must first know what we want.

Casting Instructions for 'Clarity and Focus'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • sky-blue candle
  • oil of myrrh.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • sky-blue candle
  • oil of myrrh.
Take the candle and rub your third eye chakra, (between your eyes) saying:

By the power of water,
I see clearly and divinely. I ask and I seek.
My needs are met.

Anoint your throat with the oil, saying:

By the powers of air,
I mean what I say.
I say what I intend.

Dab some oil on your heart chakra (between the breastbone), and say:

By the power of fire,
I know what I desire.
I am led by the heart, which joins wisdom with love.

Anoint your midsection with the oil, and say:

By the power of earth,
I stick to my dreams.
I remain steadfast.
I understand what it takes to get me there.
So mote it be.

This works best under a clear sky, when the Moon is in an air sign.


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Does this work

This might help some, but I have my doubts. Anointing your chakras and calling on them can help, but unless your chakras are already balanced, you could do more harm focusing on specific ones. Furthermore, their are other chakras that would work better. Your crown opens you to the universe, your root grounds you. You should ground yourself first, because opening yourself to the spiritual without strong grounding can cause problems. The elements are also wrong for the chakras. From the root to crown it is earth, water, fire, air and ether. The third eye and crown are viewed as too spiritual for humans to comprehend the element association. The throat is ether, the heart is air, and the solar plexus is fire. Overall, I feel this was created by someone who does not understand energy points, however, it might help some people if they focus enough. There are better spells/rituals.

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