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This spell helps you achieve your goal body type.

Casting Instructions for 'Goal Body Type'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper and Pen, Voice, Water, Visualization (or printer).
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper and Pen, Voice, Water, Visualization (or printer).
  1. While exercising, have a photo of your goal body. 
  2. Keep this in front of you (on a phone, printed, or just visualization) while you exercise
  3. Remember, Magick is not just a "Poof" and it's done. You have to still put in effort. 
  4. You should try your best to perform exercises that will help you gain or lose muscle/fat (whichever you prefer). 
  5. This spell is used to help you lose weight. 
  6. While you keep your visualization of the "New You", remember that you should stay hydrated and eat rather healthy. 
  7. When getting water (even when not exercising), whether from the tap, a bottle, etc.; while pouring the water into a glass, or after, while swirling it around, chant this. 

" May this water Cleanse,

healthily I obtain my goal,

I see myself (visualize yourself in the wanted body type - you can also describe with words how you would like to look),

this is my wish, 

An it harms none, So Mote it be. "

Remember to say this while pouring any water you drink or cook with, or when you are taking your first sips.

Note: This can work with juice, and other drinks, just as long as they are healthy. i.e. 100% juice, smoothies, protein shakes, etc.


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This may help, but constantly staring at an image of your ideal body might backfire mentally. Yes, create a vision board and spend time before your work out imagining life as that body type. Think of all the benefits, but do not hyper focus on being a certain body type and refusing to treat yourself now and then. Overall, I see no harm in trying this spell, I would simply tone back how much time you obsess over the image and how much you restrict certain foods.

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