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Be able to transform into a powerful werewolf

Casting Instructions for 'Werewolf transformation spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • No ingredients
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • No ingredients

Spell Says 3x times:

I invoke the great powers of transformation
To bestow upon this one the form of a werewolf

Free from the harm of silver, hunters, and infection
Giving strength and agility, a mighty wolf to behold

Now, with the power of the moon and my mighty words
This transformation shall begin with a single beat of the drums

The body will slowly start to shift, bones and muscles will re-align
The hair will start to grow strong and thick, as the werewolf is defined

The eyes will turn a piercing yellow, the ears will be pointed and tall
Sharp claws will emerge from the fingertips, ready to take on all     
The teeth will sharpen and lengthen, the jaw will be strong and wide
The legs will bend and twist, the werewolf will be able to stand on two feet and stride

The ability to infect others by bite or scratch will be bestowed
The werewolf will be immune to the hunter’s blows

The transformation will be complete, as the werewolf stands tall and proud
The full moon will be the only time this transformation can be done, and will last until the moon is gone and the sun rises anew

Side effects:

- Increased Aggression 

-Heightened Senses

-Increased strength and speed

-Heightened predatory instincts 

-Increased susceptibility to the phases of the moon

-Increased appetite 

-Increased Physical changes during transformation 

-Increased sense of smell and hearing 

-Increased Physical and mental fatigue after transformation 




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