Pure dark energy empowerment.

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This ritual and incantation, will enable you to call forth and empower your magic with pure dark energy, for three days exactly.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • •Experience with dark magic and dark energy.
  • •A Pentagram drawn on the floor, one big enough for the caster to stand and meditate in the middle.
  • •The elements:
  • -Air: any kind of incense.
  • -Earth: soil, rocks and stones (gemstones are also recommended)
  • -Fire: candles, charcoal, ashes and charred stones, rocks, wood and soil.
  • -Spirit: anything you hold dear to (example: a photo, a ring ,necklace, bracelet e.t.c.
  • -Water: a chalice or bowl of moonwater.
  • •A powerfull protection spell (if you don't have one then just look in history on my profile)
  • •A cleansing spell (if you don't know a good cleansing spell, then look in history on my profile ;)

Casting Instructions for 'Pure dark energy empowerment.'

Step one: Cleanse the area you're going to use, and use a protection spell on yourself.

Step two: Create a pentagram on the ground, and put the elemental objects on the right points.

Step three: Meditate in the middle of the pentagram, and take at least ten to fifteen minutes to think about the things that you are going to do with the dark energy.

Step four: speak the following incantation three times, with a clear voice: Tenebris navitas in potentiam tuam, et potest etiam sine fine inanis mortis praebueris corpus meum, et in tribus diebus tunc magica ut reverterentur. (Note: the c is pronounced as k)

Final step: remove the pentagram and throw the non usable resources in a lake or other nearby water source.


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I would try explaining and expanding on the symbolic nature of how these elements used in the spell empower the caster. Also expand on what the incantations represents at least. If you do not understand the words you speak, your intentions will not come out as clear.

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