Vampire Spell

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A spell to turn yourself into a vampire. You will not sparkle.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A lump of copper
  • A bonfire outdoors.
  • A red candle
  • A black candle
  • An athame
  • The blood of an animal, you can buy it or gather it yourself
  • Apple
  • A ladle that can handle boiling blood
  • Midnight on the night of the full moon
  • Pot or cauldron

Casting Instructions for 'Vampire Spell'

Place the animal blood in a small pot or cauldron. Set it up over an open fire. Now light the candles in the fire. Cut your left hand down the palm with the athame, dripping it over the animal blood. As it bleeds, say:

''Damn me eternally in hellfire
Drive a stake of silver through my chest
As the taste of the flesh is my carnal desire
And I sell my soul and I will not rest
Grant one wish to me, I cry
Give me teeth of demons
Strong to pierce leathery dragon's hide
And to drink of life force crimson
And I shall live off of the blood of mortals
And drink of fear
And I will need no morals
And there will be screams for all to hear
When I drain all the life from their body
When the spark in their eye is dead
None will be able to harm me
Not even a bullet to the head

Kill me! Wrest my humanity from my soul!
Demons and darkness hear my call!
Make me the bane of life and light!
Make me a vampire to kill in the night!''

Now heat the athame and cauterize the cut in your hand. Knock the two candles into the flame. Dig a hole at your feet. Take a ladleful of blood and pour it into the hole. Now place the apple within it and bury it.

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You cannot become a vampire.

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