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This truely works and the closer you are to your inner mermaid the more likely you wll become one
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • concentration
  • patience
  • commitment

Casting Instructions for 'Connect With Your Inner Mermaid'


Connecting to Your Inner Mermaid     Begin somewhere with lots of senses. Somewhere that relates to something you experience in every day life or something you can remember easily. Perhaps you are sitting in the sun, with the smell of grass all around you  and your skin is warm in the fading glow of daylight. Maybe, you have awoken in a creek, and the cold water is spilling over you as if you were a part of it's pebbled bottom. Slowly, get up. You see and feel and hear things as if you were there. You do not see yourself from a third person point of view. Look down. The first thing you see is an offering of some kind. It could be a candle, a fruit, a cake or maybe a feather. The next thing that you see is something that represents humanity to you... something that means something to you, and to humans. It could be anywhere from money to your favorite pair of shoes to a diamond ring. Whatever these two items are, pick them up. Now, look around you.      I won't tell you what you are to see, because that depends on you. All I can tell you is that the sun is setting, you are near a body of water, and it is absolutely beautiful. Let your mind explore this place... it is your haven. This is the place that you will come back to in your later F-shifts, and you should feel safe here. Slowly, you begin to walk towards the body of water. However, before you get to the water, you will see a... shrine of sorts. Like everything else, this can be whatever you wish it to be. It could be a small waterfall, or a tree, or a slab of rock. Whatever it is, set your offering here. Now, you speak. If you have any specific religion, you could talk to your god or goddess. If you are open to anything, then I would suggest speaking to the goddess Aphrodite, to the undines, or even to the element of water itself. Speak your wishes, and say what feels right to you. Finally, ask that you see your true form. Make sure to thank whoever you spoke to, and walk toward the water.      As you get to the edge of the water, drop whatever things represents humanity to you into the sand. As you do this, let your humanity fade away from you. You are a creature of the water.... now, you do not belong on land..... you are a mermaid. Say it, feel it, understand it, and do whatever you need to do to confirm it. As you let this humanity slip away, look down into the water. You see your reflection... only, its not you, and yet it is. The person that you see in the water is your true self, your mermaid self. Move your body so that you can see your full reflection, and take everything in. What you look like, what color your tail is, what color your skin and hair and eyes are.... everything. Let your mermaid self sink in, and let it become a part of you. When you are done gazing at your inner self, it is time to swim!      Get into the water, and feel it wash over you. Feel everything about it, as if it were home. Dive into this water, and let your mind and heart run free! This is the truly amazing part of the meditation. In your mind, in this perfect little haven... you are a mermaid. So here, you can swim and laugh and have fun in your true form. Explore this area, because, it will be your mermaid home for until you actually receive your real tail. Don't be scared to let your mind create whatever it needs to create, and truly feel yourself as a mermaid.      When you are done here, find a spot of land. Crawl up onto it, and take one last look at your tail. Then, wishing your magickal sanctuary goodbye, let your mermaid body fall into darkness. Feel yourself falling until you hit your real body. Essentially, you're letting your mermaid body fall into your real body. Feel the last tingles of a tail and the last scents of the water.... and open your eyes.      So! There you have it. Congratulation! You have just successfully completed your first F-Shift. The land that you found here is always right there, right when you need it. Come back anytime. The more you meditate as a mermaid, the more your body gets used to the feeling of water, to holding your breath or breathing through gills, and to everything about being a mermaid. Also, it is important that you have fun with this meditation! There is no right or wrong, and your can improv anything you want into it. Do not be afraid to break the rules! One thing that you could add is talking to your mermaid self, or finding out your mermaid name (you could if you wanted to!). Nothing is wrong, just so long as you accomplished the task of finding your mermaid self. Good luck, and happy F-shifting!


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A guided meditation to connect with mermaids is fine, and can do great things for some, but do not believe you will become a physical mermaid. You are human, you can work with mermaids, but never become one.

Aug 07, 2019
Sorry for telling you this but even though I believe and not in the same time what you say about that we can't actually become nothing more than that we are bonr why do you have to just ruin the hopes someone has to become one? I don't care how much you know about magic but when you just go all over the shape shifting spells and you just ruin not only the hopes but and the post of the person who made it is just making me really annoyed and pissed off.Just chill a little okay and don't care for those spells if you don't believe in them

Aug 07, 2019
Well Karen, the reason I choose to inform others of the limitations of magic is because I am tired of people give real witchcraft a bad name. People perpetuating the stereotype that witches can do this nonsense negatively effects the community. I choose to comment on the fake spells as the voice of reason, so in some small way people can start to move away from the fantasy, and learn about the reality of magic. I suppose you are also fine lying to children about Santa and the Tooth Fairy, many argue it too is innocent and harmless, but you are still lying to children, and while I was never raised with either, I have many friends who were, and a number of them had some pretty negative reactions to learning they were lied to. I just go with honesty. You can not physically transform into anything. This is just a fact of reality. Deal with it Karen.

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