Summon a Fairy

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A spell that's good if you want someone to play with sometimes.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • paper,
  • colored pencils,
  • regular pencil,
  • concentration,
  • patience,
  • focus

Casting Instructions for 'Summon a Fairy'

1. get a plain peice of paper and a pencil 2. think of the fairys name, sex, and power and write it on the top of the paper 3. draw the fairy with the pencil 4. then color in your fairy anyway you want (hair color, face, cloths, wings etc.) 5. chant ''please let this fairy come to me to play and sing and fly she will dance so gracefully soaring throgh the sky
It doesnt work for everyone
But you should still try

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If you are lonely play with a fairy? Historically kids who played with fairys went missing, so I would not recommend this, even if it did work.
have you tested this spell to see if it actually works?
Aug 16, 2019
This isn't how you summon a faerie you don't design a faerie then say "I want to meet one" and it happens. You summon faeries [or any being really] by casting a circle, leaving an offering and saying a chant specifically calling on that being. You don't go "I want to meet a male, green, water faerie that looks like the one I just drew" you call on the being and if it chooses, it will visit you. If this did work, it would be because you disrespected a nearby faerie and it chose to teach you a lesson because faeries are actually rather spiteful in reality. I've met a couple, most i would leave something in the garden as a gift/peace offering, but one time my friends worked with one, one friend was annoying it [she kept asking about her aura and the faerie told her to stop] and as a result the faerie cursed my friend with bad luck, and for several months my friends life was pretty miserable, she had to apologize and leave a bunch of offering to the faeire to get the faerie to take the bad luck away.

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