Fairy Potion

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This is a magical potion that will surely give a connection with the fairies.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Feather
  • Lots of flower petals
  • 2 small bowls of water
  • 2 gems or crystals
  • Some grass
  • Necklace
  • Big container of glitter
  • Twig

Casting Instructions for 'Fairy Potion'

1. Take your first bowl of water and place it on the ground. Then create a circle of glitter around it. 2. Shake a small amount of glitter into the bowl. 3. Place your necklace on the ground around the base of the bowl. 4. Gently float as many petals as possible to cover the water in the bowl, but keep in mind to leave a small space in the centre. 5. Take your twig and gently stir your potion without sinking your petals. 6. Take one of your gems and carefully drop it into the middle of the petals. 7. Do not let any shadows hit the water n the bowl. Only sunlight. Make sure it is pure, and there is no window covering it. 8. Sprinkle a small amount of glitter on top of the petals and in the water. 9. Shred the grass finely with your fingers and put it in your 2nd bowl of water. 10. Put your remaining gem into the grassy bowl. Add glitter and float a petal on top. 11. Stir the 2nd bowl with our twig. Make sure everything is well mixed! 12. Add a small amount of what was in the 2nd bowl to the 1st bowl. Remember the gem and the petal. 13. Now place the necklace in the water of the 1st bowl. Close your eyes and say this spell 3x: Fairies oh fairies please grant my will My greatest wish is to fly high with the birds Fairies hear my plea, I desire your graceful moves, your dainty wings Fairies oh fairies please grant my will I wish to be a fairy so mote it be. Within a few days/weeks you should begin to feel like a real fairy!


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