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You will not see results immediately but given a couple of weeks, your hair will be fully and longer
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Casting Instructions for 'Healthy Hair Spell'

In a quiet and comfortable place sit or lay down. Concentrate on your breathing. Slowly let your breathing become stronger and spaced out. Then start to visualize: Which each breath you take in draw in healthy energy that is the color of your hair. With each strong breath it release the energy through the top of your head, visualizing new strong and healthy shafts of hair (in the color of your hair) shooting up through your skin, making your hair fuller. Do this for as long as you can hold the meditation.

If possible do this a couple of times a day-when you have a quiet moment during the day and maybe at night before you fall asleep. This will not change your hair color like in the movies but it will HELP bring health to your hair. If you have issues of loosing more hair than you should, this may also help.

I have been doing this spell for a few years now myself. I would never recklessly post a spell I have not tested.

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