See Intent

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Minor mindreading; to see the intentions of people, and to avoid those who wish to wrong you.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Glass bead, carved stone, or other three-dimensional eye charm
  • A piece of glass
  • A piece of tree bark
  • A natural quartz rod
  • A white candle and a lighter/match

Casting Instructions for 'See Intent'

Light the white candle in front of you. Hold the eye charm and imagine how you think you would enter somebodys mind. Imagine, for example, a glowing orb, or a breaking lock. Remember this, as it will most likely be how you see the intent of others.

Hold up the piece of glass and say: Clear as a crystal is your intent. I can track your emotion like a dog tracks a scent. This power of mine will warn me. Of anyone who wants to harm me. And if you wish to do me wrong- I will know in not too long.

Point the quartz rods tip at your forehead. Say: Easy as opening my eyes. I see the truth that you disguise. Whether you mean me harm or well: These eyes of mine, they can tell. When I focus on this power, my mind shows me things that people hide. Your intent is clear to me. This is my will, so mote it be!

Now burn the tree bark over the candle.


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