Release stress

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A precise spell to alleviate the chaos of our human lives. Requires time.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Time and dedication
  • One red candle for love, rejuvenation and vibrant energy
  • One white candle for purity, cleansing and healing
  • Bath
  • Sage/Cedar/incense and holder
  • Optional:
  • Bath pillow to prevent submerging when meditating
  • Meditation
  • Pre shower before bath for germaphobes
  • Eucalyptus / other essence oil

Casting Instructions for 'Release stress'

Please set aside a good chunk of time for full manifestation.

Take all materials to the bathroom. Run your bath. Add some droplets of essential oil if handy. Turn off the lights, lock the door. Sit upon the floor in the dark. Hold one candle. Inhale the scent with your eyes closed. Can you tell if it is the red or white? Light the candle and thank the elemental for dancing. Repeat with other candle. Take your Sage/Cedar/incense light it with one candle, gently blow out and light with other candle. Get up and trail the smoke around the room, imagining the negative energies going down to the Earth to be recycled. Positive energy sprouts from the glowing embers of the Sage/Cedar/incense. Place the candles where you please. Place Sage/Cedar/incense in the holder and kneel before the bath.

Mind heavy with stress
One ill thought calls another
Now a storm has formed and
My joy is stress-smothered.
I give Earth my fatigue
So she may recycle bad to fine
Then I may smile and forget
What made my peace unwind
Water, my friend
I ask you to hold me
Aid in releasing the
Turmoil that prevents happy.
Spirit returns to joy
I feel Grandmother's* embrace
As what caused my down mood
Is quietly, effectively, erased.

Repeat as needed, I find once with strong voice and intention does it for me.

*Grandmother in my culture refers to the Universe. You may insert whatever you feel is needed in this space.

Climb into the bath. Slowly lower yourself into the water. For meditation, picture you are a stone in a river. The forest is on fire. Water is murky and brown. Dark clouds form overhead as a downpour begins. The river overflows and attacks the towering flames. Swallowed, the flames die. Ashes settle. The sun begins to peak from behind the blanket of black. The river mellows and begins to clear. Sprouts begin to poke up, reaching for the sun. Moss begins to grow upon your back. Fish return. Animals come from their hiding places to lap upon the water. Creatures lay upon your soft back, basking in the sun as the forest builds bottom up.

To end the bath, position yourself however feels best. Say a word of thanks.
Wa doe, June-eela*
Thank you, all that is sacred.

Blow the candles out and turn the lights on. Thank the water elementals before draining the tub. Do not snub the Sage/Cedar/incense if still burning, let it continue and trail throughout your dwelling.

*Language is Cherokee, or our name for us, Zalageesh. We have a written language though should I have written it as such, you would not get the pronunciation and looked at it with your head tilted.


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I would not hold the candles for safety reasons. There are also a few steps I do not see the need for. Example, sensing what colour the candle is. Overall, it feels like a useful ritual to help release stress, though the chant might take some practice.

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