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An Advanced Love Spell. Use at your OWN risk.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Red/pink/purple candles
  • -Fire
  • -Incense (sticks or cones) - anything related to love, but my picks are; Jasmine, Rose, Lavender, White Sage, and Moon (because it's best to do this spell during the Full Moon, hence why it's also good to use Moon Incense).
  • -Full Moon or New Moon
  • -You can also add lavender seeds on the candles or anything else such as rose petals or anything you feel that will make the spell even stronger.
  • -Pen and paper
  • -Blood
  • -Candle holders (disposable or metal) (optional)

Casting Instructions for '***ADVANCED LOVE SPELL***'


For people that don't have an Altar, you can either create your own or you can use a small stand or table or you can also do this on the floor; Draw a pentacle on either table/floor or wherever you're doing this. Personally, I drew a pentacle using candle wax. You can either use that (but it's difficult to come off, so use whatever you want) You can use salt, sugar, chalk, paint, anything you like using, as long as you draw a pentacle with it. You can even carve one if it's your altar or anything belonging to your altar. Moving forward - Add each candle on each end of the pentacle, inside it. (I added two dark pink-ish red-ish candles on the bottom left and top right of the pentacle. I added two light pink-ish candles on the top left and bottom right of the pentacle I added a dark-ish red candle on the top center of the pentacle and a purple candle in the middle of the pentacle.) If you wish, you can do exactly as it states above. Use disposable candle holders or any candle holders for your candles if you don't want any wax getting anywhere. Add some Lavender seeds to the candles if you wish. Add your incense sticks or/and cones together ready to be lit. Write down the name of the person you want to cast the love spell on paper. Place the paper folded underneath the center candle. Write it on another paper and place it in front of the candles/pentacle. Light the candles and incense. (You need to have COMPLETE faith that this WILL WORK. Otherwise it will NOT.) Focus on the candle light and the incense. Clear your mind. Start thinking about the person you want to cast this spell on. Chant: “I call upon the Deities - Gods and Goddesses, to help me achieve eternal love and lust with the one I'm in love and lust with. I call upon the elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit to help me accomplish this request of mine that I want very badly. I call upon the Moon to shine on me and the one I love, so that its’ shine will blind us to be in love with each other for all eternity. I call upon the following Deities/Gods and Goddesses: Kuni, God of Love, Qetesh, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sex, Áine, Goddess of Love, Cliodhna, Goddess of Love and Beauty, Yue-Lao, God of Love that binds two people together with an invisible red string, Aphrodite, Cupid/Eros, Venus, Frigga, Hathor, Hera, Parvati, Prende, Goddess of Love and Beauty, Astghik, Goddess of Fertility and Love, Xochipilli, God of Love, beauty and Fertility, Anteros, God of Requited Love, Himeros, God of Sexual desire and Unrequited Love, Pan, God of Lust, Kama, God of Love, Rati, Goddess of Passion and Lust, Ushas, Goddess of Lust, Milda, Goddess of Love, Dogoda, Spirit of the West wind, associated with Love and Gentleness, Dzydzilelya, Goddess of Love, Sexuality, Marriage and Fertility, Ziva, Goddess of Love and Fertility, Bastet, Goddess of Felines, Love, Protection, Perfume, Beauty and Dance, Bes, God of Music, Love and Dance, Min, God of Reproduction, Love and Sexual Pleasure, Turan, Goddess of Love and Vitality, Freyja, Goddess of Love and Sex, Freyr, God of Lust, Marriage, Peace and Pleasure, Frigg, Goddess of Love and Sex, Sjöfn, Goddess associated with Love, Baron Samedi, Loa of Sex, Erzulie Freda Dahomey, Loa of Love, Gods and Goddesses, Deities of Love, Lust, Sexual Desire and Pleasure, Marriage, Fertility, Romance and Passion - I call upon you all today to help me make my relationship stronger - if a dying relationship, I want to revive it and nurture it, as I would nurture a dying flower or a tree, or another part of Mother Nature - Mother Earth. This person is very special to me and means a lot to me, I want to make our connection, our bond, our relationship stronger than it ever has been before. I want a twin-soul/soul-mate connection and relationship with the one I love. Please grant me this most desperate wish, for I will do anything in return so that I shall have my partner in life and shall keep them until my next life and even beyond that. I ask of you to make ___name____ fall deeper in love with me than they ever did in the past. I want ___name____ to feel like they could never be without me, and that they can't live without me, and that their caring for me is as deep as a protector watching over those who are being protected. I want ____name____ to never argue with me, I want us to have a connection where we communicate and love each other forever. Make it so that our flame never ever goes out. Make it so that our spark is always lit. Like a big campfire in the forest during a full moon or new moon night. Make our love Everlasting and full of lust and passion, as well as communication, and equality. Make my partner never leave my side and never think about leaving, as we grow old together. Make my partner love me unconditionally and passionately, as well as lustfully, and eternally. It is all I ask of you, Gods and Goddesses, Deities of Love, Lust, Sexual Desire and Pleasure, Marriage, Fertility, Romance and Passion. Please grant me my wish, for I want it to be true. Please grant me my wish, for I want us to be like glue. Please grant me my wish, for I always want him/her with me. Please grant me my wish, so Mote It Be! ___name____ shall be my one and only! So Mote it be! So make it be! So Mote It Be!”


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Where does the blood come in on this spell?

May 23, 2019
I usually add the blood to a center candle or white candles. center candles as in, I tend to create a symbol, shape, sigil, etc with my candles. I create a heart or so when it comes to Love spells. add the blood to whatever the center candle in said heart, etc is. if you need more help, contact me.

Mar 19, 2023
Another thing you can do is also place blood on the paper with the name of the individual

Greetings! Do we allow the candles to burn down all at once? How do I dispose of the finished candles?

Apr 29, 2022
i was also thinking the same question, while read this spell, so could someone tell me about this?

Mar 19, 2023
You can either let them burn all the way, I would recommend birthday candles for this because they're much smaller and burn faster. You can also dispose of them by burying them or even throwing them onto a running river. There's some ways to dispose of spell ingredients, not just candles, and some have specific meanings, however, I feel either one of these ways can be done with a spell like this.

How many candles and incense sticks do you recommend?

Mar 19, 2023
As many as you want. For candles, I would either go with 1 or 2 if they're a little bigger, 2 specifically to represent a couple but you can also do 5 to represent the elements as well as directions (calling the Quarters). It really all falls down to you, what you believe in and how you practice.

Also, can we mix incense scents like let’s say I need 4 incense sticks, can I use two moon and two rose or two moon and one rose and one jasmine?

Mar 19, 2023

Also, what are the risks in doing this spell? since you put use at your own risk

Sep 28, 2020
Well to any spell really, there's a chance of backfire. Blood also is a really potent ingredient when it comes to magick so you gotta be strong on ur decision on performing this spell.

Apr 29, 2022
Could you explain about the risks or side effects of this spell?

Mar 19, 2023
Using blood and anything that is your own can be a huge risk and backfire very badly. Blood is very powerful, it is the most powerful thing you can possibly use in a spell, so this is why you must be cautious otherwise it can end badly. From being sick to the spell acting the opposite way you want it to, to a lot of other things happening. This goes for all spells but especially those that are more advanced like this one where you use blood, saliva, hair, nails, or anything else that is yours. Blood is the most dangerous out of all of them because it's the most pure and it holds so much power, because it is also related to life. You should never do spells with blood if you have never done any spells at all. You should also learn how to call the quarters, the elements and cast a circle of protection before you do any spells. And always cast one before any spell. And learn how to close your circle once the spell is cast and finished. This is important because not only does all your energy and everything stay within that circle but you also stay safe in that circle while casting your spell.

Did this work for anyone?

Mar 19, 2023
It does.

Mar 19, 2023
As long as you believe in it, yourself, in Magick and in your spells and abilities.

An expanding aura spell gets rid of risk.

Mar 19, 2023
Not all risk can be rid of. There is always going to be risk in anything and everything you do.

does this spell uhh maybe help with impotence? is there a more specific impotence/erectile dysfunction spell?

Mar 19, 2023
This won't help with that, but there are some ways you can customize it to help with it if you just tweak things and add what you need done. You can also look at other spells that are more directed towards that but add them together with this one by combining them into like a master spell if you will. The possibilities are endless as long as you believe in your work, have faith and full belief in Magick, your spells and yourself. However, if you're a newbie, this will be more challenging and difficult, which is why it's best to learn as much as possible and research and study.

This requires an edit, mainly to make it easier to read. This spell does not work. Firstly, nothing attaches the spell to your crush. You need something that belongs to them or a photo of the person to tie their energy to the spell. And this chant is ridiculous. Not only is it overly wordy, but calling on that many deities for a love spell?! If you do not work with a specific deity you wish to call on for a spell, you need to leave an offering. And you need to research each deity to ensure they work well together. Overall, this is not a spell, this is throwing a bunch of spaghetti at the wall in the hopes it will stick.

Apr 07, 2023
It infact is a spell. You can customize it to your liking or follow it the way I created it. I've been practicing for over 15+ years and have experience in what I know works. I am also a High Priestess for a few years now. The deities, spirits and other entities do in fact work together because of what they are associated with. You can do your own research and study up on them and you can either call upon all of them or any of them as you wish. This is the part about being able to customize a spell to your liking. You can also skip the deities if you don't work with them. Simple to follow enough for you? Don't judge someone's work if you can't comprehend how spells work and you think you know everything. Your negative bullshit isn't welcome here. Please move along now and stop commenting on MY spells. Keep your negative comments to yourself. You wouldn't want someone judging your work without knowing you, so how about you treat others how you wish to be treated.

Apr 12, 2023
If it is meant to be that versatile, you should have said so. You should have also formatted the spell correctly because it appears as a jumbled mess of nonsense to the average reader. It is nothing more than a gigantic block of text. It reads as if you should throw everything into a pot, call to every love deity and it works. It does not. There is such a thing as too much. Items and deities have a variety of energies and using too many can muddy the energy of a spell. As for your ''stop commenting on my spells'' I am not signaling you out. I do not even know who you are. I go through spell sections and comment on spells. If someone comments on a spell and that spell interests me, I will comment. You posted something on a public forum. Provided no site rules are being violated, which they are not, you cannot stop someone from commenting on a spell. Meanwhile, you used banned language, so you might want to watch that. Finally, I am not being negative. I am not judging anyone. I do not believe nor claim to know everything. I am stating facts. I have plenty of comments helping and encouraging people, but that is not what people are drawn to. They desire drama. You do not have to engage with a comment. It is easy.

Feb 27, 2024
You are stating the facts Tadashi? How do you know that 100% belief is not the key of casting these spells? Have you tried believing in spells 100% without any doubts and tried using these spells before? People had said they worked before. People also have posted videos on proof of magic spells working.

Feb 27, 2024
You sound like you are just stating a belief, Tadashi.

Feb 27, 2024
My above conversation and my profile answers most of your questions if you bothered to comprehend the words and not read from a bias mindset. So, I assume you only want to validate your mindset, or argue. Two things I am not interested in. But, To be fair, I will respond.

Simplifying my previous conversation: as outlined, this spell does not work. I then explained why it does not work. The author rebutted, and I answered her questions. She claims it was a versatile spell, a fact which is omitted from the actual spell. I read the spell as presented. If this was a choose your own adventure type spell where you picked items and deities from a list, it should have been noted in the description. It was not. Can you take three to five items from the list, one deity you work with and cast the spell successfully? Yes, there is a probability you could. But, again, that was not what was presented. What was presented was throw all this together. This is the equivalent of making a sweet, savory, sour, salty, tart dish. Pick one or two, and that is it. More is not better. Choose items wisely.

As for belief, a fact I am sick to death of repeating, I do believe in Magik. I was born into a Wiccan household. I was raised with these beliefs as my foundation. Magik on the physical plane is a natural energy. It is part of nature. It effects the energy in things to bring a desired change. It does not defy nature because it is ruled over by nature in the physical plane. No amount of belief will make something true. No amount of belief will make the earth flat. No amount of belief will make Covid disappear. No amount of belief will make vaccines cause autism. These are all strongly held beliefs and they are all wrong. We have evidence. But people cherry pick and ignore evidence and instead wave the same handful of evidence that proves their unfounded claims are correct. Belief is powerful, but it is not the Uno reverse card you think it is. Spells are real. Love spells are real. Just because one specific spell does not work, does not mean I do not believe in any spells or Magik at all. I have worked with Magik long enough and cast enough spells to be aware of what does and does not work.

Over the years, I and many others have repeatedly explained these facts, linked evidence and information to help educate those who conclude because I do not agree with them, I am lying. If you were willing to listen, you would have read my profile. You would have looked at other posts beyond the ones on spells you want to try. If you genuinely wish to learn about Witchcraft, there are beginners guides on this site. There are forums pinned in the General Information section. Heck, I have a picture in my photos which lists what a beginner should study. You can find these answer if you look. Instead, you just ask me the same question so many who do not want to listen pose, and call me a non-believer to fit your narrative. If that is not the case, I will need to see evidence to the contrary. For now, I leave you with a Hank Green quote.

Want to know the most useful thing I ever learned about being a person on the internet? It's that you can't argue with a professional arguer without becoming a professional arguer. And being a professional arguer is a foolish job.

Feb 27, 2024
They did not prove that real magic spells do not work.

Feb 27, 2024
You cannot prove that real magic spells do not work. You cannot prove that nature works the way you believe it does.

Feb 27, 2024
You can only just prove that you are a non-believer in the power of belief.

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